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William Lester Stevens Paintings for Sale

We are excited to announce that we have acquired 2 more paintings from a collection of Lester Stevens work. These and the Emile A. Gruppe paintings we recently acquired came from a recent cache of classic Cape Ann Art not seen for many years.

This is an incredible opportunity for our customers, as they will now be able to purchase some beautiful works by this renowned artist.

Lester Stevens was born in Rockport, Massachusetts and showed his artistic talent at an early age. He received a scholarship from the Museum School in Boston and later served in the Army where he continued painting and sketching. His commanding officers were so impressed with his work that they allowed him to stay longer than usual so he could further study European artworks.

Now you can own these stunning works too! Our acquisition includes 2 oil paintings depicting a Gloucester, MA harbor scene, and a wonderful New England homestead painting.

Here's an opportunity to own work by one of America's greatest painters. For more information, visit our contact page

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