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What's in our New Years auction, and where did it come from?

Before we present the list of 220 lots that are in our New Year's auction, here's a little bit about how we got some of it and where it came from!

The story behind the Great Salt n Pepper collection of November 2023! In November we were approached at separate times by two brother's who had their mom's salt & pepper collection. There's reputed to be between 1,000 and 2,000 set! More shakers than you could shake a stick at. JUST about every imaginable form is in this collection. You've seen some in our last few auctions, and your gonna see more! The sweet thing, is many of them were presented to their mom as gifts when family and friends vacations. She was the kind of woman they all thought to bring a gift back to. Sweet!

Art - believe it or not, much of the art in this auction, the last few auctions, and auctions to come, came from a single estate of an antiques / art dealer in Rockport, Donna Dussault - Granite Shore Gallery, Rockport) MA. It was a referral by a friend in the business, and we bought out 4 storage spaces of art.

The Sterling Jewelry - This came from an estate in Manchester, of which the executor is still sorting out. We hope to get invited back!

Of course there's more stories, each item has it's own story. But we can't tell you all our secrets!

To see this auction, go to and click on the picture under current auctions. If you get to the page after the auction has ended, no problem, you'll see our next auction! Gotcha!

Below the picture not in order of importance, is a list of the items in the New Years Auction!

Porcelain Mermaid Salt and Pepper Shakers
Porcelain Mermaid Salt and Pepper Shakers

Crooked Little House Antique Salt And Pepper Shakers, Foo Lion Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shakers, Novelty Vintage Sympathetic Ear Salt & Pepper Shakers, San Francisco Victorian Porcelain Salt & Pepper Shakers, Antique Porcelain Chicken Salt & Pepper Shakers, Vintage Adobe Homes Salt & Pepper Shakers, Holt Howard 1950s Scarecrow Salt & Pepper Shakers, Dash O Salt & Pepper Dachshund Shakers, Porcelain Baby And Bassinet Salt & Pepper Shakers, Porcelain Vintage Outhouse Salt & Pepper Shakers, Antique Piggy Salt & Pepper Shakers, Antique Porcelain Cowboy Salt & Pepper Shakers, Mama & Baby Bear Salt & Pepper Shakers, Vintage Flower & Bee Salt & Pepper Shakers, Vintage Porcelain Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers, Vintage Porcelain Clock Salt & Pepper Shakers, Porcelain Baby Bear Salt & Pepper Shakers, Porcelain Beatrix Potter Salt & Pepper Shakers, Organ Grinder And Monkey Salt & Pepper Shaker, Squirrel & Nut Salt & Pepper Shakers, Two Novelty Porcelain Salt And Peppers Scherenschnitte Art Signed SSS Guild Of American Papercutters Flute Player And Bird In Tree, Gloucester Sea Gypsy Block Print By Elizabeth Ann Harty 2010, Signed Etching Of Brown Trout Indistinctly Signed Alastair (?), S Barnhart Fields House With A View 1995 Oil On Board Seascape, Winslow Homer Print Of Gloucester Schooners And Sloop, Ken LeBlanc Photograph Of Motif #1 Rockport Harbor MA, Vintage Oil On Board Of Beach And Rocks Seascape Unsigned Mystery Painting, Oil On Board Of Evening Primrose By Eva M Behie, Framed French Art Nouveau Poster Reproduction Vente DEstampes By Van Ryssel Berghe, Block Print By Muffy McCrum Of Sailboats And Pigeons, Mervin Jules Signed Original Woodcut A Quiet Moment Associated American Artists, Casey Figueroa Oil On Board Abstract Signed And Framed, Outsider Art Acrylic On Plywood Double Sided Painting Iron Horse Saloon And Drinking Skeletons, Vintage Middle Eastern Primitive Style Painting Hunt Scene On Celluloid Park West Galleries Label, Oil On Canvas Of Evening Primroses By P Prince, Antique/Vintage McCoy Pottery Vase Planter Turquoise Ceramic Porcelain, Vintage Limoges France Hand Painted Floral Porcelain Covered Compote, Grab Bag Lot Of Misc Antique And Vintage Items Quarry Workers Carved Skull Cape Ann Address Book Mini Purse, 1700s Book Inscribed To Hannah Bradford Early Plymouth Settler, 1775 The Life Of St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Germany Munich Rare Old Book Christian Religion, 1685 The Rise And Progress Of The Late Troubles In England Thomas Skinner, London, Swalle, 1685 Rare Old Book, 1804 Obi Or The History Of Threefingered Jack William Earle Jr., Isaiah Thomas, Worcester, 1804 Antique Book, Vintage 1970s Hippy Boho Poster We Are Each Like The Unicorn Beautiful And Rare, Rare 1983 David Bowie Poster Emi Records China Girl Lets Dance Album, Vintage Richard Nixon LBJ USA Lyndon B Johnson Presidential Campaign Bumper Stickers Political Memorabilia, Watermelon Oil Painting Still Life, Pair Of Earthenware Staffordshire Spaniels, Ralph Lauren Block Pattern Crystal Vase, Pairpoint Limoges Large Vase Hand Painted W Courting Scene, Antique Cabinet Card Cross Dressing Chorus Girl, Antique Cabinet Cards Cross Dressing Gay Couple Boston Marriage!, 7 Antique Cabinet Card Fashion Photos Elder Couple And Young Men Etc, Eleven Antique Cabinet Cards Ladies Fashion Photos, Four Antique Cabinet Card Baby Photos, Antique Photo Of Child With Rifle Civil War Era, Lot With Five Pairs Of Vintage Earrings Some Sterling, Eight Pairs Of Vintage Sterling Silver Screw Back Earrings All, 10 Vintage Silver Rings Boho, Hippy Etc, Antique Pendant Charms 8K Gold Piggy Carved Elephant, Three Antique Brooches, Period 1910s Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Antique Belt Buckle, Antique Sterling Silver Fish Bodkin, Lot Of Seven Nautical Theme Sterling Charms Lighthouse, Seahorse Etc, Lot Of Seven Sterling Charms B Nautical, Nefertiti Etc, Carved Vintage/Antique German Folk Art Dancers Antler Brooch, Sterling Silver And Blue Stone Bracelet, Batch Of Victorian Edwardian Findings, Donald Beal Oil Painting Harbor On Canvas, Hilda Neily Cape Cod Impressionist Landscape Impasto Technique, Hilda Neily Cape Cod Provincetown Impressionist Landscape Trees Impasto Technique, Pair Of Very Unusual Humorous Antique Fishing Lithographs, Hilda Neily Impressionist Cottage Scene Impasto Technique Provincetown, Cape Cod Artist, Signed Watercolor Of St Marks Venice On Thick Parchment Paper, Marilyn Swift (Gloucester MA Artist) Resting Place Watercolor Painting, Winter Landscape Oil Painting By RAA Artist Arnold Knauth, 19th C. Antique Chinese Blue And White Lamp Vase Go Players, Pair Of Antique Or Vintage Rare Railroad Car Lanterns Lamps Brass Sconces, Hideous Abstract Ceramic Porcelain Sculpture Of A Pomegranate, Oil Seaside Painting On Board, Vintage Japanese Porcelain Bowl On Stand, Marilyn Conover Sculptural Art Piece Cape Ann RAA Artist, Antique Wooden Paddles Peels, Vintage Chinese Carved Jade Necklace With Glass Beads, Tigers Eye Stone And Sterling Necklace, Vintage Sterling Silver Beads Chain Necklace, Lot Of Chinese Communist Party Quotations From Chairman Mao Tse-tung Little Red Book Russian, Sterling Silver Three Stone Sparkly Ring, Set Of Mid Century Enamel Artist Palette Brooch And Earrings, Long Antique Greek Coin Belt Or Necklace, Small Vintage Cobalt Blue Perfume Bottle, WWI L Illustration (5) Five Bound Volumes 1916-1918 French Newspaper First World War, Ballous Pictorial Drawing Room Companion Nine Volumes 1855 Rare Boston Tea Party Print Native Americans Etc, 14K Gold Antique Stork Charm Pendant With Ruby And Turquoise, 14K Gold Chain Necklace With Heart Charm Small Diamond, Two Hand Painted Vintage Or Antique Famille Rose Dishes, Pair Of Antique Cloisonne Pigs, Four Vintage Chinese Embroideries In Frames, Vintage Solid Wood Portable Lap Desk, Thirteen Antique Ledgers 1835-1901 Oil Cloth Etc Handwritten In Ink Great For Craft Projects, 700 Antique Postcards Mostly Tucks, Actresses, Christmas, Cats And More, Lot Of Mostly Foreign Mostly Antique Coins, Antique Square Wood Butter Press, The Illustrated London News WWI 1915-1917 First World War Advertising Militaria, Rare Antique 1608 Book Philostrati Lemnii Opera Works Of Philostratus In Latin And Greek Paris Morelli, Antique Or Vintage Violin With Label Medio Fino Made In France JTL, Framed Sacred Bridge Antique Japanese Photo, Collection Of 64 Wade Whimsies Match Strikes, RAA Artist, Marilyn Conover Mixed Media Portrait Children, RAA Artist Marilyn Conover Mixed Media Numbers Art Work, RAA Artist Marilyn Conover Mixed Media Houses Impasto Artwork, Marilyn Conover Painted Watercolor Portrait RAA Artist, Town Of Marblehead 350th Anniversary Jar Stoneware, Red Skelton Live Ink Hand Signed Photo And Auto Signed Photo, Rare J Edgar Hoover Personal Live Ink Hand Signed Letter On FBI Stationary!, Vintage Rorstrand Cobalt Blue Porcelain Fleur De Lis Demitasse Cup & Saucers, Vintage Rose Painted Porcelain Jewelry Box, D.M.P. Canada Mid Century Turquoise Glaze Art Pottery Vase, Turquoise Glazed Mid Century Pitcher Vase, 1960s Porcelain Rock Star Figurine, Mens Jewelry Cuff Links Tie Tacks Etc, Vintage Adjustable Desk Lamp, Collection Of Round Dance Type 45s With Dance Instructions, Collection Of Round Dance 45s With Dance Cues Instructions, Lot Of Round Dance 45s With Dance Cues, Carved Wooden African Mask Wall Art, Antique Or Vintage Dentistry Tooth Veneer Samples, Thirty Vintage Peanuts Figures 1950, 1952, 1965 Charles Schulz Charlie Brown Snoopy, Lucy, Vintage Art Pottery And Glass Lot Including Haeger USA Akcam Italian Marble Etc., Nemadji Pottery Vase And Dorchester Stoneware Creamer By N Ricci, Antique Wood And Brass Bound Trunk Small Size, Antique Victrola VV IX In Running Working Condition, Vintage Chinese Porcelain Elephant Form Garden Seat Or Planter, Vintage Decorative Pistols And Muzzle Loader Rifles Wall Hanging Set, Vintage Or Antique German Junghans R A Mechanical Wall Clock Working Condition, Vintage Signed And Labeled Orrefors Sweden Glass Art Vase, Decorative Metal Gasoline Signs STP Texaco Pennzoil Gulf Etc, Vintage And Antique Chinese And Japanese Items Porcelain Vase Brass Doll Etc, Six Metal Advertising Signs Coca-cola We Can Do It Shoeshine For The Man Cave Etc, Swift Satellite Model 846 20 X 80 And Wide Field Binoculars Bushnell Falcon 10 X 50, Lolita Brand Wine Glass Jingle Bells Design NIB, Lot Of 30 Antique Keys Some With Tags Brass Steel Yale Kardex Cape Vincent NY Eagle Etc, Military And Navy Vintage Patches USA And Foreign Eagle Insignia 9th Infantry Etc., Grab Bag Lot Of Assorted Smalls Antique And Vintage Small Trophy Religious Medals Etc., Cigar Box Filled With Curiosities Colibri Lighter Nixon Badge Jewelry Parts Mini Book Vintage Wristwatch Etc, Rare Promotional Photo Of George The Animal Steele WWF And Royal Video Exchange 1988, 150 Pieces Of Antique And Vintage Ephemera Sports, Hollywood Etc, Two Pairs Of Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Minimalist Earrings, Antique Sterling Silver Tea Strainer, Sterling Silver Antique Japanese Novelty Salt And Pepper, Tiffany & Co Sterling Silver Phone Dialer (Breakfast At Tiffany's), Pair Of Small Sterling And Other Silver Teapot Utensils, Rare Vintage NIB Golf Score Keeper Domatic Wristwatch Style, Carved Woodblocks Folly Cove Or Style?, Loetz Or Tiffany Style Glass Snake Art Glass Vase 1920s, Antique Gilt Bronze Mantel Clock With Cherub Figurine, Wedgwood Vintage 1950s Blue Jasperware Oval Lidded Trinket Box, Set Of 6 Sterling And Jade Elephant Iced Tea / Cocktail Spoons, 1960s Sterling Silver Flower Pin Brooch, Sterling Silver Danecraft Set Wheat Motif, Art Nouveau 14kt Gold And Amethyst Brooch Pin, Antique Waltham Pocket Watch Silver Warranted, Gorham Sterling Silver Bon-Bon Spoon Serving Utensil, Vintage /Antique Bronze Or Brass Winged Creature Bowl, Antique Leather Firefighter Hat Badge Beverly Fire Department, Pair Of Vintage Weighted Sterling Candlesticks, Antique Sterling Silver Sugar Tongs, Vintage Tiffany & Co Try God Lapel Pin Sterling, 14K Gold Herringbone Chain Necklace, 14K Gold Chain With Vintage Jade Carved Pendant, Small Antique Sterling Ewer Charm, Antique Masonic Bible Holman Self Explanatory Edition Profusely Illustrated 1903, Batch Of Vintage And Antique Pins And Medals, Ideals Robert The Robot Toy In Rare Original Box Ideal Toy Corporation, Shoe Box Filled With Vintage Plastic Figure Toys Army Cowboy Farmyard Animals Etc Marx 1963, Hasbro G.I. Joe 1965 Machine Gun Emplacement Box With Accessories Manuals Etc Hassenfeld Bros Inc, Antique Oak Union Steel Chest Corporation Tool Box Filled With Tools It's A Time Capsule!, 1980s Raymond Weil Wrist Watch 18K Electroplated, Antique Or Vintage Racine Wrist Watch, 14K Gold And CZ Post Earrings, Novelty Gold Nugget Earrings Vintage From Alaska, Vintage Sterling Danecraft Feather Pin Brooch, Lot Of Sparkly Vintage Costume Jewelry Trifari Etc., Sterling Silver Vintage Pencil On Sterling Chain, Sterling Necklace With Small Stained Glass Pressed Flower Pendant, Antique Carved Wooden Chinese Box With Provenance, Large Pretty Conch Shell, Antique E. Swansea & Co. Portland ME Stoneware Jug Number 1, Antique 19th Century Stoneware Jug Unknown Maker Number 2, Antique Stoneware Number 6 Gallon Crock With Original Cover, Antique Number 6 Gallon Stoneware Crock, Cape Ann Artist Lauri Fielding Peach Still Life Of Peaches Oil Painting, Antique Massachusetts Service Award John R. Howard Dated 1870, Vintage Emily Muir (ME Artist) Oil Painting Portrait Of Boy With Cap, Down East Detective Signed Modern Pulp Signed By The Author, Rabbitville Signed Book By Cape Ann Artist Theresa Bernstein, Mid Century Danish Modern Teak Hand Mirror, Antique 1920s Ivorine Powder Box, Vintage 10K Gold Religious Cross, Complete Set Of Heavy Antique Bronze Door Hardware, Lot Of Eighteen Various Various Pope Commemorative Medals Stritch Pius XI Paulus VI Etc., Set Of Eight Vintage Ice Cream Frappe Glasses, Porcelain Antique Banana Salt And Pepper, Porcelain Lemon In Top Hat Salt And Pepper Early MIJ, Antique Porcelain Pumpkin Salt And Pepper Shakers, Six Vintage Japanese Napkin Rings Brass And Silver Plated, Large Lot Of Boyds Bears & Friends Bearstone Collection With Boxes, PPM Lithophane Shade Married With An Antique Oil Lamp Whitehouse Bears Young Photographer, Antique Lamp Parts And Accessories Lot Etched Shade Brass Lamp Oil Lamp Hurricane Shades Etc., Large Lot Of Antique And Vintage Photographs Tintype Of Sailor Foxes Sailboats Fishing Etc, Spinmaster Motion Activated Working Yoda, Order Of The Beaver Sterling Boy Scout Medal, Vintage Eagle Scout Badge Medal, Girl Scout, Rainbow Girls And Boy Scout Items, Pair Of Scottish Right Medals Connecticut Valley Consistory, Trio Of Metal Military Pins WWI/wWII, Vintage Or Antique Lions Club And Grange Member Medals, Batch Of Old Pins And Union Medals Etc,

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