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Pirate Picks From Cape Ann Estates

Avast, Mateys! Captain Pegleg Scores a Treasure Trove of Bling!

Gather 'round ye landlubbers and listen close, for Captain Pegleg has a tale to spin that'll make yer eye patches pop! We weren't plunderin' Spanish galleons this time, but we picked Cape Ann estates on the mainland. Fancier folk might call it "antiquing," but a pirate by any other name be lootin' just the same!

There be whispers of hidden riches at this here sale, and yer ol' Cap'n ain't one to miss out on a chance to add some sparkle to the crows' nest. Now, I ain't talkin' yer usual doubloons and pieces of eight. This bounty be far finer - a treasure chest overflowing with jewels fit for a queen (or at least a particularly flashy pirate captain)!

First up, we got a midcentury marvel - a 14K opal cocktail ring! Imagine the fire it'll bring to our next poker night! Then there's a real looker from Helm and Hahn, an Art Deco ring with an onyx cylinder and a diamond that'll have the crew swoonin'. Speaking of swoonin', we also snagged a 14K gold number with a pink stone - perfect for that special someone (or maybe for bribin' the harbormaster, no judgment here).

But the haul don't stop there! We bagged an antique sweetheart ring with a blue stone and diamonds, a real heartbreaker (get it?). And for a touch of floral fancy, we got a 14K gold vintage flower ring with a ruby and a diamond. Finally, to complete the ensemble, we scored a swanky tennis bracelet with a dark blue stones - enough to make even the most jaded mermaid jealous! There are 220 lots total which also be including coins, art, antiques and other collectibles!

All in all, a right successful expedition! Looks like these fancy folk don't know the true value of a treasure when they see it. But fear not, me hearties, Captain Pegleg knows, and the crew will be looking mighty fine at the next port we plunder... I mean, visit. Arrr!

Disclosure: The above post is an AI curated article and should be taken with a grain of sea-salt. - WK

The titles below this are actual auction lots in this auction.

14K Opal Cocktail Ring Midcentury Size 7, 10K Gold Art Deco Onyx Cylinder And Diamond Ring Helm And Hahn, 14K Gold, Diamond And Pink Stone Ring Mid Century, Antique Blue Stone And Diamond Sweetheart Ring, 14K Gold Vintage Flower Ring Ruby? And Diamond, 14K And Dark Blue Stone Tennis Bracelet White Gold, Diamond Chips, Classic 14K Chunky Tapered Hoop Earrings Vintage, 14K Gold Antique Pearl Solitaire Ring Size 9, Vintage 14K Egyptian Hieroglyphic Pendant, Sterling And Pearl Solitaire Cocktail Ring, 14K Gold Chain With Pearl Solitaire Pendant, Dainty Antique 10K Brooch With Tiny Pearl, Sterling And 12K Gold Pendant Rose Motif, 14K Gold Chain And Heart Pendant Diamond And Pink Stone, Cultured Pearl Necklace With 14K Clasp, Lot Of Mod Vintage Porcelain And Metal Floral Jewelry, 1930s Antique Knights Of Pythias Sterling Coin Silver Medal Pin Rockport MA Lodge, Antique Knights Of Pythias Brass Emblem Medal Skull Crossbones FCB, Sterling Silver And Enamel Free Mason Bracelet, Vintage Masonic Free Mason Belt Buckle, Vintage Silver Coin Standing Liberty 1927 S Quarter, Four Silver Standing Liberty S Mint Mark 1926 1930 And Year Unknown, Lot Of Eleven Vintage Silver Standing Liberty Quarters 1925 Through 1930 D Mint Mark And No Mint Mark, Large Lot Of Antique And Vintage Tokens Advertising Coins Medals Etc Masonic Billy Bowlegs Fisk Tires, Two Antique Silver Coins 1917 Filipinas 20 Centavos And 1918 10 Centavos, Six Vintage Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coins 1940 Through 1947 D Mint Mark, Six Vintage Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coins 1934 Through 1939 D Mark And S Mark, Six Vintage Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar Coins 1936 And 1937 D Mint Mark US Currency, Seven Vintage Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coins 1917 Through 1935 D Mint Mark, 50 Vintage Silver Mercury Head Dimes 1920s Through 1940s, Fifty Antique And Vintage US Silver Coins Mercury Head Dimes 1917 Through 1940s, Die Cap Coin Error Roosevelt Dime Year Unknown, Antique Coin 1803 Draped Bust Large Cent Liberty One Cent, Four Vintage Silver Franklin Half Dollar Coins 1958 1959 1960 1961 D Mint Mark, Four Vintage Silver Franklin Half Dollar Coins 1958 1959 1960 1961 D Mint Mark, Four Vintage Franklin Silver Half Dollar Coins D Mint Mark 1959 1960 1962 1963, Four Vintage Silver Franklin Half Dollar Coins D Mint Mark 1959, Four Vintage Silver Franklin Half Dollar Coins 1959 1960 1962 1963 D Mint Mark, Four Vintage Silver Franklin Half Dollar Coins 1963 D Mint Mark, Tray Lot Of Vintage And Antique Foreign World Coins, Lot Of Vintage Susan B Anthony Dollar Coins 1979 Through 1999 Uncirculated Pack Various Mint Marks, Unopened 25 Dollars Federal Reserve Bank Roll Of Susan B Anthony Dollars Year Unknown, Rare Antique 18th C And Later Foreign Coins Nova Scotia Canada 1837 Deux Sous Bolivian Silver, Tray Lot Of Antique And Vintage Foreign World Coins Including Hong Kong China Canada 19th C And Later, 1866 3 Cent Nickel Liberty Head Error On Reverse US Currency Coin, Eleven Silver Kennedy Half Dollar Coins 1964 Through 1968, Six Vintage Silver 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Coins, Lot Of Six Sliver 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Coins, Large Lot Of Carded Lincoln Pennies From The 1900s Through 2000 Including A Couple Of Errors, Four Unsearched Rolls Of Lincoln Pennies 1969 S 1962 1970 S And 1960, Four Unsearched Rolls Of Lincoln Pennies 1960 And 1967, Four Rolls Of Unsearched Lincoln Pennies Three Rolls Of 1960 And One Roll Of 1968, Four Rolls Of Unsearched Vintage Lincoln Pennies 1960 1964 1970 S And 1971 S, Four Unsearched Rolls Of Pennies Three Lincon Rolls And One Canadian Roll 40s Through The 60s, Pair Of Vintage Colt Revolver Prints Second Printing By Colt Patent Fire Arms Mfg Co Hartford, Antique Watercolor Of A Landscape With River And Village Signed Edward Howland, Wilbur Herbert Burnham Watercolor Of Church Stained Glass Windows Scale Drawing David And Moses, Antique Watercolor Of An Unidentified Church By G F Young, Antique Pen And Ink Sketch Of St Mark Campanile Venice Italy, Antique Pen And Ink Sketch Of Harrow Church After The Etching By Percy Robertson Signed MR 1911, Lot Of Five Antique Watercolors Of Orrs Island Maine 1917 Unsigned Mystery Artist, Three Antique Watercolors Unsigned One Of Dyer Point Maine 1918, Four Antique Watercolors Of Breeze Point Maine 1918 Unsigned Artist Unknown, Sterling Silver And Turquoise Native American Cuff Bracelet, Vintage Intricate Sterling Silver Beau Bracelet, Trio Of Unique Antique Brooches, Four Vintage Sterling Brooches Including Danecraft, Vintage Silver Dragon Pin, Vintage Italian Glass Micro Mosaic Pendant Brooch, Antique Guilloche Sterling Silver Pin Hand Painted Roses, Sterling Antique Art Deco Checker Pattern Marcasite Enamel Brooch, Sterling And Pink Stone Post Earrings, Mixed Metal Sterling Set Necklace And Bracelet, Heavy Sterling Silver Ball Chain Necklace, Three Antique Watch Fob Chains Long Necklace Length, Antique And Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot Including Fountain Pen Pendant, Sterling Silver Mens Vintage Cufflinks Hallmarked, Antique Sports Medals Shotput Discus Etc, Lot Of European Scene Folk Art Pencil Sketches Indistinctly Signed, Lot Of Antique American Folk Art Pencil Sketches Milland Charlottesville Etc Indistinctly Signed, Lot Of Pencil Sketches Of European Scenes Unsigned Thatched Cottage Landscape Castle By Lake Etc, Antique Watercolor Of A Red Legged Partridge Framed, Small Antique Print Of Millet The Angelus In Period Carved Frame, Madeleine Murray Giclee Print Of Moon And Sea 2018, Vintage Modern Abstract Art Unsigned, Oil On Canvas Modern Art Painting By Sandra Figueras Titled Teeter Totter 2002, Two Funky Vintage 1940s Watercolors Of Grotesque Insects Unsigned, Fantastic Vintage 1940s Surreal Watercolor Of Painter On Ladder Double Sided Painting, Vintage 1940s Moody Cityscape In The Rain Woman Walking With Red Umbrella Unsigned Painting, Modern Impressionist Oil On Board Of A New England House Unsigned, Etching Of Seagulls And Beach Dunes By Elizabeth King Durand Titled Clear Light, Three Vintage Watercolors Of Beach Sea Crashing Waves And Sailboats, Three Vintage Watercolors One Signed Willa Astill Seascape Sailboats Dunes Crashing Waves, Vintage 1940s Watercolor Of Dirty Dishes In A Cluttered Kitchen Sink, Vintage 1940s Student Artist Sketch Portfolio Of Nude Figure Studies And Army Cartoons 40 Plus Pieces Of Art, Watercolor By Hartley Ferguson Of Bay View Granite Exhibited In Sawyer Free Library Auction 2005, Two Antique Dore Folio Book Illustration Page Of The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner Page 7 And 11, Pair Of Vintage Kitsch Porcelain Salt And Pepper Shakers Set Bunny Hug By Van Tellingen, Vintage Pair Of Kitsch Salt And Pepper Shakers Set Amish Couple Made In Japan Chalkware For Brinns Pittsburgh, Vintage 1980s Porcelain Kitsch Salt And Pepper Shaker Hot Dog Set Dog In Sunglasses Barbecuing, Vintage Porcelain Scarecrow And Pumpkin Salt And Pepper Shaker Set Halloween Decor Kitsch, Pair Of Vintage Kitsch Porcelain Camel Salt And Pepper Shakers Set Made In Japan, Pair Of Vintage 1990s Porcelain Kissing Fish Salt And Pepper Shakers Set, Pair Of Vintage Porcelain Ghost Salt And Pepper Shakers Set Halloween Decor Kitsch, Vintage 1990 Porcelain Chef And Mixer Salt And Pepper Shaker Set Korea Made By Five And Dime Inc, Lot Of Sterling Hippie Style Vintage Rings 3 Adjustable, Semi Precious Stone Jewelry Lot Jasper Agate Etc, Trio Of Sterling Pendant Necklaces Mercury Dime, Blue Stone, Sand Dollar, Vintage Boho Wizard Necklace Crystals And Stones, Three Sterling Silver Pins Bloodstone, Abalone, Thai Silver Etc, Silver Cuff And Ring Rope Motif Marked 900, Trio Of Long Stone Necklaces, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Amethyst Etc, Antique Rhinestone Brooches And Findings, Two Antique Crystal Necklaces, Two Antique Milk Glass Opalescent Glass Bead Necklaces, Colorful Vintage Costume Rhinestone Jewelry Lot, Vintage 1997 Pair Of Porcelain Salt And Pepper Shakers Set Of Birds In Boots Pelzman Designs, Pair Of Vintage Kitsch Handmade Wood And Walnut Chipmunk Salt And Pepper Shakers Set, Pair Of Miniature Vintage Porcelain Salt And Pepper Shakers In The Form Of Toasters, Large Pair Of Salt Glaze Blue And White Salt And Pepper Shakers In The Delft Style, Vintage Porcelain Artist Brush And Palette Form Salt And Pepper Shaker Set Sarsaparilla Deco Designs 1990, Lot Of 32 Vintage Kennedy Half Dollars Coins 1971 Through 1991 Including Bicentennial, Approx. 3.5 Pounds Of Unsearched Antique And Vintage Coins Lincoln Wheat Pennies, Assorted Antique And Vintage Coin Lot Steel Pennies Liberty Head Nickels Dimes Some Silver Buffalo Nickels, Antique 1838 Book Universal History United States America By C B Taylor Rare Tar And Feather Engraving, Lot Of Antique And Vintage Bookmarks Mary Pickford Hand Painted Chinese Scenes Advertising Etc, Harvard Lampoon March 25 1939 And Nov 21 1935, Antique Audubon Octavo Litho Prints By Bowen Unknown Edition Turkey Vulture Swallows Chuck Wills Widow, 1932 Vintage Eccentric Ephemera Including The Ear Wiggle Club And A Baby Who Swallowed A Pin Cushion, Antique Scrapbook Of Paper Dolls Around The World Little Cleopatra Little Diaz Little Vera Etc, 1879 Harpers School Geography Including Rare American Map Of Indian Territory Antique Book, Antique 1883 Map Of Boston Litho By J Mayer State Street, Vintage 1930 Childrens Coloring Paint By Number Book By M A Donohue And Co NY No 371, Antique 1903 Childrens Book Denslows Humpty Dumpty And Other Stories Published By Donohue And Co August 1903, Antique 1913 Photograph Of NY Mechanicville High School Football Team And Child With Football Gear, Rare All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Peoria Redwings Season 1947 Yearbook, Rare All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Racine Belles Season 1944 Yearbook, Rare Palmer House Stars Chicago Baseball 26th Annual Diamond Dinner Program 1966 Mickey Mantle Sandy Koufax, Antique 1905 Views Of The Garden Of The Gods Manitou Colorado By Reistle And Goerke Photographic Book, Antique Circa 1901 Crest And Chasm Of The Continent View Book Of Colorado Colored Lithographs, 1906 Historical Views Saratoga Battleground By Col J J Perkins Schuylerville NY Photography Book, Large Lot Of Vintage Europe And Asia Travel Brochures Guidebooks Esperanto Vichy Paris Bangkok Etca, Batch Of Semi Precious Stone Hook Earrings, Vintage Faux Tortoise Shell Jewelry Lot, 1958 Atom Age Space Age Kitsch Large Poster Of Map Of The Moon And Outer Space Rand McNally, Vintage 1950s And 1960s Patents For Bizarre Technology Wave Energy Fire Fighting Freight Transport, Vintage 1960s Patents For Bizarre Technology Sea Survival System Closed Track Airport Etc, Lot Of 1960s Atom Age General Motors Futurama 1964 1965 Worlds Fair And Sinclair Dinoland Dinosaurs Booklet, Shoebox Full Of Vintage Stamps USA World Etc A Little Bit Of Everything, Antique San Francisco California Ephemera Ghost Town Knotts Berry Farm Silver Saddle Pacific Mail Steamship, 1966 Rockport Art Association 46th Annual Exhibition Book Aldro Hibbard Marguerite Pearson Earle Merchant Etc, Five Vintage Journals From 1934 1957 1970 1972 One Unknown Year, Antique 1922 Sea Journey Cruise Journal Diary SS Audauia Cunard Line Grand Tour My Trip Abroad, 1938 Account Book 1951 Armed Forces Diary Ethan Allen Vermont 1972 Diary Journal Etc, Vintage Primitive Wrought Iron And Copper Utensils With Wall Rack Set, Vintage Or Antique Green Glazed Redware Porcelain Bowl, Vintage Ceramic Planter Vase Matte Green Glaze Marked, Mid Century Modern Style Glazed Heavy Pottery Vase Signed CS, Vintage Japanese Style Bowl Floral Decorated Bowl, Vintage Green Glazed Small Redware Vase Unsigned, Mid Century Modern Salt Glazed Pottery Bowl Unsigned, Funky Abstract 1970s Porcelain Vase Signed Sarah Bayle 1976, Vintage Arts And Crafts Porcelain Vase With Matte Green Glaze Unsigned, Mid Century Modern Art Pottery Small Vase Matte Glaze Redware, Lot Of Vintage Items With Original Packaging, Big Lot Of Vintage Christmas Decorations Colorful Garlands Etc, Lot Of Pocket Knives, Tools And 1960s Homart Pen Flashlight!, Tin Full Of Religious Tokens, At Least A Couple Sterling, Lot Of 80s Boca Raton Theme Costume Jewelry, Coral, Gold And Turquoise Costume Jewelry Lot, Vintage Heavy Drip Glaze Modern Art Pottery Vase Green Color Signed WAG, Vintage Vase In The Style Of Nailsea Glass Signed Hank, Rare Antique Miniature Hand Blown Glass Rolling Pin 5 Inches Long With Pontil, Second Antique Rare Miniature Hand Blown Glass Rolling Pin 5 Inches Long With Pontil, Vintage Porcelain Glazed Low Bowl Speckled Blue Glaze Unsigned, Funky Vintage Art Pottery Ceramic Coin Bank, Funky Vintage Art Pottery Egg Holder Half A Dozen Size, Antique Or Vintage Ruffled Hand Blown Pontil Art Glass Bowl Deep Aqua Green, Lot Of Antique And Vintage Glass Sun Catcher Window Items Art Glass Bowl Mason Jars Etc, Six Small Vintage Black Glazed Redware Teapots, Three Pieces Of Vintage Art Pottery Bowl Jug And Ashtray, Three Pieces Of Vintage Metalware Decorative Items Brass Dolphin Candlestick Sheffield Candy Dish Etc, Shoebox Filled With Antique And Vintage Postcards Squirrel Island Maine Foreign Countries Courting Etc, 450 Plus Postcards Half Tucks Half Assorted Antique And Vintage Sea Boats Local And World, Vintage Pinup Calendar 1948 Esquire Magazine By Al Moore All Twelve Months, Antique Advertising Ephemera Lot Carters Work Wear Safety First Shoes Peruvian Syrup De Luxe Bakery Etc, Vintage Schaefer Lager Beer Lithographed Tray With Original Wrapping, Antique Coin Silver Spoon Stowell Sterling Souvenir Spoon And A Proctor Hospital Silverplate Spoon, Box Of Antique No 2 Spencerian Pen Nibs Spencerian Co NY Counting House England, Antique And Vintage Grab Bag Cigar Box Lot Wooden Fan Lighter Wooden Ship Bells Coins Etc, Spring Cleaning Cigar Box Filled With Antiques Oddities Odds And Ends Zippo Lighter Keys Angel Figure Keychain, Antique 24 Inch Long Lithograph Of White Mountain National Forest NH American Art Post Card Co Brookline, Lot Of Antique And Vintage Photos Football Team Players School Class Hunters Horse Carriage Parade Etc, Large Lot Of Vintage 1930s Greetings Cards Easter Christmas New Years Happy Birthday Valentines Dogs Owl Etc, Lot Of Vintage 1930s Childrens Valentines Day Cards Some Mechanical Postcards US German Etc, Weighted Sterling Compote And Table Lighter, Two Weighted Sterling Candlesticks, Four Sterling Gorham Cordial Shot Glasses, Gorham Sterling Silver Candlestick, Sterling Silver Patterned Compote Courtship International, Sterling Silver Swan Childrens Cup, Mauser Sterling Cherub Bud Vase, Coin Diva Faustina II, Sestertius, 175-176, Rome, Ancient Mysia Pergamon Coin, Asklepios, Serpent On Back, Ancient Byzantine Coin, Ancient Greek Or Roman Coin With Horse, Four Small Ancient Greek/Roman/Byzantine Coins, Trio Of Ancient Coins, Greek, Roman Or Byzantine, Ancient Greek Or Roman Coin, Art Nouveau Gorham Sterling Clover Motif Nut Bowl, Art Nouveau Salt Well Marked Sterling, Sterling Silver Antique Mirror Compact Engraved And Monogrammed, Sterling Silver Basket With Cobalt Glass Insert, Sterling Silver Spoon Floral Handle Engraved Louise, Antique Japanese Metal Signature Chop, Vintage Salt And Pepper Cobalt Insert, Lot Of Antique Peking Glass Bangle Bracelets, 1950s Pulp Novel Orient Express Graham Greene, Vintage 1976 Towle Sterling Heart Pendant, Vintage 14K Gold And Diamond Cross Pendant,

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