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Rare Rock and Roll Boston Tea Party Poster History

Boston Tea Party Concert Poster
We Love Rare Rock and Roll!

Ain't Nothin But a Party!

Introducing the 1968 Boston Tea Party Poster, featuring Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Cloud, and Hallucinations - (Peter Wolf and Stephen Jo Bladd from the Hallucinations would later form the J. Geils Band!)

This poster is undeniably cool and has that "roached out" vibe. It's a piece of history with some stains, pinholes, fading, and chaffing, but still holds its charm as a great historical artifact from the Boston Tea Party. Measuring approximately 11" x 14", it's printed on thicker paper rather than ultra-thin material.

These posters were originally made on a budget, especially the earlier ones. No one could have predicted that they would eventually become collector's items. Their purpose was to be plastered on walls and telephone poles to advertise the performing artists of that week. They were meant to be torn down and replaced with new posters for upcoming shows, so finding them in any condition is a rare feat!

The majority of these posters were printed on thin poster card stock, although some early ones were made on paper while others had slightly different materials used.

The Boston Tea Party was a popular concert venue in Boston, Massachusetts from 1967 to 1970. It started at 53 Berkeley Street before moving to 15 Lansdowne Street, across from Fenway Park. The venue became known for hosting famous artists like Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Who.

It was associated with the psychedelic movement and had impressive light shows. In 1969, a competing venue called The Ark opened on Lansdowne Street but closed shortly after due to poor management. The Boston Tea Party took over the space and continued its success until it closed in 1970 due to rising costs and competition from outdoor festivals and arena concerts.

Today, the site is occupied by the House of Blues.

Early Rock and Rock history is among our favorite genre to buy and collect. If you have anything from punk rock to Presley, from bubble-gum cards to vintage vinyl, and you're looking for some coin, CONTACT US!

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