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Our Late-Fall Cape Ann Estates Auction is a Duzy!

All bids start at $1.00 and there are no reserves!

We're cranking out some pretty good auctions on a regular basis, and our latest collection from Cape Ann estates we've purchased recently is no exception!

This one is heavy on original art, but also has a lot of vintage an antique sterling silver jewelry, smalls, pop culture items etc.

A few items of note are: * There's an excellent Boston Tea Party poster promoting Quicksilver Messenger Service * An etching of the Fisherman's memorial hand signed by the original sculptor Leonard Craske! * Antique Gloucester, MA sports photographs, vintage Christmas whimsical salt n peppers, yada-yada! There are 243 lots altogether.

Click on the red box below to see the auction details.

Other items include:

Gold Chain With Jade Chinese Pendant, Sterling Tribal Style Bangle Bracelet Vintage Marked, Funky Modernist Sterling Bracelet Marked

Chas Handmade, Five Antique And Vintage Sterling Bangle Bracelets, Vintage Italy Sterling Silver Band Bracelet, 14K Gold Neck Chain Marked 585 Italy, Antique Pair Of Intaglio Mens Cufflinks And Pair Agate Cufflinks, Antique And Vintage Mens Cufflinks And Tie Pin Mother Of Pearl, Victorian Sterling Heart Lock And Chain Bracelet And Extra Lock, 14K Gold Neck Chain And Real Pearl Pendant, 14K White Gold Esemco Neck Chain Carved Bone Walrus Pendant, Antique 18K Gold Cocktail Ring With Pink Stone, Antique Victorian Jewelry Findings Pieces Incomplete Bracelet Turquoise, Marilyn Monroe Hand Printed Poster, Antique Funeral Photo, 11 Vintage Nautical Cartography Charts, Stack Of 20 Plus Vintage 1960s Photos - Hippies, Rock Concert, Etc., Four FAB Issues Of American Fabrics Magazine Pop-Culture, Framed Photo Of 19th Century Firetruck, Hilda Kaihlanen Framed Signed Print, Framed Watercolor Cottage And Greenery, Psychedelic Vintage 1960s Wallpaper Sheets, Framed Seaside Cottage Watercolor Rockport MA?, Gloucester MA Has Style! Architectural Style Guide Print, Pair Of Exceptional Brass Church Rubbings, Single Bookend Chinese Ship Amoy 1924 Bronze Clad, Nautical Pewter Or Aluminum Smalls Lot, Pair Of Sea Themed Glass Window Hangings Sun-Catchers, Small Antique Or Vintage Wooden Foot Stool, Antique 18th Century Bell Metal Candlesticks, Large Engraved Red Clay Pot, Framed Fritz Beckert Print Vintage, Framed Pencil Drawing Of Young Boy By Ethel Machanic, Rauschenberg Photos In And Out City Limits Boston, Pair Of Pretty Green Antique Books Incl Rudyard Kipling, History Of Wood Engraving 1964 Ed, Spectrum, John Wilkinson, Hippie Magazines 1960s & 70s Counter-Culture, Vintage Nautical Anchor Inlay Wooden Box Teak?, Brass And Wooden Box Filled With Seaglass, Bergdala Mid Century Minimalist Vase, Vintage Native American Chief Postcards, Vintage C.O.C Microscope, Antique Cocktail Shaker & Measure Glass Individual Martini Shaker, Willie & Joe : The WWII Years Vol I & II, Vintage Engraved Sterling Cigarette Case & Lighter, Antique Sterling Silver Belle Baby Rattles And Collar Clasp, 3 Small Sterling Spoons, Wooden Serving Utensils With Sterling Handles, Antique/Vintage Ephemera Lot Basketmaking, California Etc., Sterling Baby Fork & Handled Spoon, Sterling & Silver Serving Utensils Pickle Fork Etc, Trio Of Sterling Serving Utensils With Unusual Ornate Handles Towle Etc., 2 Sets Weighted Duchin Sterling Salt And Pepper Shakers, Weighted Sterling Duchin Sugar Shakers, Weighted Sterling Duchin Candlesticks, 14K Gold And Garnet Screw Back Earrings, Two Pairs Of Vintage Sterling Native American Earrings Signed Monroe, 14K Gold Heart Safety Pin Charm Keeper, 14K Solid Gold Wrist Watch, Pair Of Antique Tie Pins 800 Silver, Ect, Long Strand Of Antique Peking Glass Beads, Mens Vintage Sterling Silver And Malachite Ring Size 11, Carved Vintage Or Antique Wooden Chinese Dragon Box, Set Of Eight 1966 French Coins Including Two Silver, Set Of Antique Victorian Desk Items Rosary Bead Set, Lot Of Four Novelty Pocket Pen Knives, 12 Pairs Of Vintage And Modern Earrings Including Sterling, 14 Kt Gold Everyday Hoop Earrings, Real Pearl And 14K Post Earrings, Vintage Sterling Charm Bracelet With 12 Charms, Danecraft, Beau, Gloucester MAW Etc, Two Vintage Sterling Flower Pins Brooches, Antique Book Mount Desert Maine A History 1926 Ed., United States Coast Pilot Atlantic Coast Section A 1941 Nautical Book, Islands Off Maine Rare Signed By Leslie Norris And Charles Wadsworth, Hand Made Victorian Card Game - Prison Family Etc!, Antique Gloucester MA High School Baseball Team Photo And Mens Bible Class Photo, Two Antique Gloucester High School Football Team Photos, Large Antique Machine Woven Paisley Fabric Natural Fiber, Collection Of Unusual Antique Buttons, Jet Glass, Marcasite Mop Etc., Lot Of Sterling Collar Type Vintage Necklaces, Five Sterling And Glass Vintage Coasters, Signed Hand Painted Navajo Storyteller Statue, Universal Monster Charcoal Sketch Signed Dated 82 Horror Art, Rare Beatles Vinyl LP Album Off The Beatle Track United Artists George Martin & Orchestra, Original Beatles Sheet Music I Want To Hold Your Hand 1963 Duchess Music Corporation, Vintage Boston Tea Party Night Club Venue Poster Quicksilver Messenger Service WBCN 104.1, Frank Black And The Catholics Concert Poster Pixies Front Man Lucky Dog Music Hall, Antique Japanese Wood Block Possibly Kunisada Diptych Of Geishas, Vintage Original Art Scratchboard Lighthouse By N Munroe, Original Alfred Birdsey (1912-1996) Watercolor Of Bermuda Signed, Strange Modernist Abstract Portrait Oil On Canvas Unsigned Mystery Artist, Vintage Abstract Modern Watercolor Of Cows Unsigned, Vintage Abstract Oil On Canvas Of Cows By Julie Wyman, Vintage Impressionist Oil On Canvas And Pencil Sketches Unsigned, Donald Allen Mosher Signed Lithograph Of Gloucester Harbor Pencil Signed, Antique 1860 Map Of Gloucester MA Cape Ann Showing Early Settler Locations, Pencil Signed Leonard Craske Photogravure Of Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial, Vintage Watercolor Of Birches In Winter Indistinctly Signed Landscape, Vintage Watercolor Of Farm Scene By Hugh Cabot 1961, Vintage Decorative Unsigned Oil On Board Garden Scene With Cherub Statue, Antique Etching Of Mountains By Ludwig Mestler Psalm 36,7, Lot Of Vintage/Antique Desk Items With Sterling, Sterling Silver 1856 Fleur De Lis Needle Case, Sterling Silver Antique Corner Protectors Book, Antique Dragon Pin Holder Or Handle Silver, Trio Of Sterling Antique Victorian Scarf Slides, Pair Of Antique Victorian Sterling Findings, Lot Of Carved Victorian Smalls, Scottie Dog Etc, Chinese Cylindrical Carved Opium Box, Chinese Antique Hand Carved Antique Needle Case And Other, Antique Japanese Hand Carved Figurines Geishas With Instruments, Antique Sterling Silver And 14K Thimble, Fort Of Chooner Miniature Antique Painting, Intricately Inlayed Reticulated Antique Syrian/Turkish Mosaic Tray, Antique Chinese Black Lacquer Box With Gold Paint, Antique Watercolor Of. Saint Jean De Braye France Signed Indistinctly, Antique/vintage Illustrator Lot Of Football Players BC Harvard College, Vintage Illustrator Art Lot Coal Truck Maid Cowboy Boeing Plane By Fallona Etc., Vintage House And Cat Salt And Pepper Shaker, Mid Century Vintage Cat Salt And Pepper Shakers Japan, French Bulldog Salt, Pepper And Sugar Dish, 1960s Porcelain Santa Salt And Pepper Shakers, Porcelain Rabbit And Christmas Tree Salt And Pepper, Pair Of Christmas Chipmunks Porcelain Salt N Peppers, Santa And Mrs. Claus Asleep In Bed Porcelain Salt N Peppers, Pair Of Kitschy 1960 Santa Claus Salt And Pepper Shakers, Santa And Mrs. Clause Salt And Pepper Shakers, Gnomes And Acorns! Salt And Pepper Set, Plastic Novelty Florida Salt And Pepper Shaker TV Screen, Las Vegas Slot Machine Salt And Pepper Shakers, Two Sets New Mexico Vintage Porcelain Salt And Pepper Shakers, Kentucky The Blue Grass State W Horses Salt And Pepper, Hockey Oil On Canvas By Don Hamilton Illustrator Art Baseball Boston Red Sox Boxing Etc, Vintage Photographic Print Of Babe Ruth Antique Boston Globe Newspaper Red Sox 1912 Baseball Memorabilia, Antique Folk Art Watercolor Scene Of Children In Traditional Native American Dress And Teepee, Etching Of Fly Fisherman In Canoe By G.C. Thomas Titled The Cast, Vintage Oil On Board By Theresa Wonson Rockport Art Association Exhibition Label Signed, Vintage 1970s Surreal Etching Of Hunter And Swan By Gray 1971, Elaine Hartley Original Double Sided Watercolor Fall Landscape And Monastery, Illustrator Art Lot France Poster And Copy Of Klee Poster Fogg Art Museum Watercolor, Original Antique Train Broadsheet Broadside 1879 New Bedford Boston Service Railroad Ephemera, Vintage Grave Rubbings 1746 Skull And Crossbones Memento Mori, Art Nouveau Antique Aesthetic Movement Brass Desk Mirror, Vintage Grave Rubbings 18th Century Skull And Crossbones Gothic Art, Selection Of Art Books, Erotica Universalis, Taschen Etc, Selection Of Vintage Hippie And Protest Counter Culture Books, Vintage Gothic Art Grave Rubbings 18th C. Cemetery Ephemera, 1980s Hess Vintage Toy Truck Bank In Original Box, 2003 Vintage Hess Toy Truck With Race Cars, 2004 Hess Sport Utility Vehicle And Motorcycles, 2012 Hess Helicopter And Rescue Vehicle Toy Vintage, 2001 Hess Helicopter With Motorcycle And Cruiser, Fantastic Vintage 1966 Spanish Bullfighting Poster Benidorm Plaza De Toros Spain, Hess Miniature Truck & Racers Mini Collection 2019 Small Bobcat Toy, 2001 Miniature Hess Racer Transport 2012 Mini Truck Airplane 2017 Mini Collection Toys, 1998 Hess Miniature Tanker Truck 2003 Patrol Car 2010 Fire Truck Toy Cars, Hess 2000 Miniature First Truck 2010 Miniature Fire Truck 2022 Mini Collection Toy Cars, Hess 2007 Mini Rescue Truck 2000 Mini First Truck 2008 Bobcat 2014 Sport Utility Vehicle, Allen Hawks 1983 Watercolor Of Fishing Boat, Large Cast Iron Painted Cat Doorstop, Antique Bronze Or Brass Treasure Chest Form Keepsake Box, Pair Of Penguin Paintings Oil On Canvas By Nino Lombardi Beverly MA Artist, Antique Or Vintage Oriental Asian Carved Wood Gold Fish Figure, Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Madonna & Child Icon, Painting On Copper By Rockport Artist Muriel Howell Scribner Of Greenaway Children, Antique St. Patricks Church Lewiston Maine Catholic Medal In Antique Box, Vintage Masonic Grand Lodge Of Massachusetts Medal Masons AF & AM Veteran 50 Years Service, Vintage Swiss Army Victorinox Pocket Knives E. C. &n Co. 1883-1983, Grand Army Of The Republic GAR Medal 1892 Department Of Massachusetts, Vintage Sterling Parachutist Badges Jump Wings And Small Marines Pin, Rare Spiderweb Pattern Antique Community Silver Plate Flatware Seven Pieces, Two Vintage Funky Tribal Style Wide Bangle Bracelets India Copper Inlaid & Mixed Metal, Vintage And Antique Costume Jewelry Lot Brooch Pendant Bracelet Geode Cameos Etc, Vintage Sterling Mens Jewelry Lot Money Clips And Cufflinks Hand Hammered Aztec Etc, Set Of Six Antique Federal Slat Back Cane Seat Dining Chairs, Italian Mid Century Modern Chair, Pair Of Porcelain Hand Painted Lamps, Large Porcelain Japanese Vase C. 1870, Antique Wooden Pond Boat, Antique Face Fire Screen Adjustable Height, L.C. Smith Corona Number 8 Antique Typewriter, 1866 Ornate Silver Plate Water Pitcher And Cup, Antique Rat Trap, Antique Foot Stool Needle Point Pattern, Wire Picnic Basket, Antique Hand Carved Jade Three Footed Censer, 13 Complete Sets Of Near Mint Mint Baseball Cards, 300-400 Baseball Cards. NM Or MT, 5000 Baseball Cards NM Or MT, Vintage Wheat Pennies, Vintage/Antique Monopoly Game, Antique Oil On Board Still Life Of Apples 1899? By L A Pulsifer, A. Willis Antique Steel Etching Of Boats Pencil Signed, Helen Kamins Oil On Board 2008 Under The Surface Cape Ann Manchester Artist, 1958 Beverly Farms MA Country Store Advertising Broadsheet Piffin Family Concord Massachusetts, Betty W. Stone Monoprint Of Tucks Point Manchester-by-the-sea 2010 Massachusetts, Marion Hall Watercolor Of Essex Winter Manchester-by-the-sea Artist, Unsigned Mystery Painting Harbor Scene Oil On Board Seascape, Vintage Or Antique Impressionist Peruvian Oil On Canvas Of Street Scene Peru With Llamas And Church, Nader Tahini Oil On Board Of A Moonlit Barque Sailing Ship 2013, Helen Kamins Oil On Canvas Landscape Manchester-by-the-sea, Attributed To Peter Koster Oil On Board October Storm Sea Scape, Antique Mens Notions Grooming Items Straight Razor Stork Club Matches Etc., Art Glass Pendant On A Sterling Necklace, Vintage & Antique Padlocks And Antique Skeleton Keys Eagle And Squire Brands, Lincoln Wheat Cent Pennies 1944-1947 Various Mint Marks Carded, Antique & Vintage Novelty Toy & Advertising Lot Line Mar Japanese Tin Motorcycle Mini Boston Red Sox Pennant, Vintage And Antique Fountain Pens Moore Pen Shirley Temple Esterbrook Parker Wearever Osmiroid, Two Vintage Sterling Silver Pins, Victorian Jet Mourning Pendant With Gold And Seed Pearls, Antique Victorian Mourning Jewelry Bog Oak Carved Crucifix Cross With Roses, Antique Monumental Large Brass & Iron Bucket 23 Inch Diameter 14 Inches Tall Firewood Holder, Antique United Farmers Boston 23 Inches Tall Large Metal Milk Can Jug, Pair Of Antique Copper Gas Or Oil Fuel Cans Made Into Lamps, Two Antique Stoneware Jugs One Ovoid Brown Ware, Large Vintage Hand Hewn Country Farmhouse Style Mixing Bowl Trough, Large Antique Stoneware Number Six Crock, Antique Stoneware Glazed Number 2 Crock, Vintage Dedham Pottery Rabbit Pattern Lot, Vintage Dedham Pottery Pitcher And Mugs, Bennington Pottery Pouring Mixing Bowl Vintage, 16 Antique Miniature Library Books, Large Vintage Metal Tray 26.25 Inch Diameter, Antique Clay Orange Bank Full Of Pennies, Antique Cast Iron Doggy Bank, Antique Qashqai Bagface Oriental Rug Mat Persian Weaving, Painted Bug Cast Iron Boot Jack, Antique Wood Butter Press, Antique No. 1 Improved Wooden Butter Churn Stencil Decorated, Vintage Punched Tin Foot Warmer Farmhouse Decor, 12 Pieces Vintage Mid Century Amberina Independence Glassware Goblets, Vintage Toledo Spain Quismondo Sangria Pitcher And Glasses, Hand Carved Walrus Figurine, Glenn Miller Orchestra Vol 1 And 2 Set Of 45s, Decorative Antique Copper Box Full Of Sea glass, BIG! Set Of Iron Keys Of Indeterminate Age, Pair Of Primitive Grain Measures With Maker Names, Pair Of Large Primitive Grain Measures, Pair Of Hull Stainless Mid Century Carving Utensils, Gustav Stickley Or Style Hand Hammered Copper Tray Arts And Crafts, Antique Jewelry Chest Of Drawers, Lot Of 12 Vintage And Novelty Pocket Knives, Hand Painted Hand Made Art Glass Porcelain Beads.

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