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From George Jensen to US Mint Sets - What's in Our Auction

Georg Jensen Rocker
Georg Jensen Rocking Chair

Picking is hard! I've been hunting for auction-bait for a long time, and I can tell you, auctions are hungry beasts! For each auction you need to find between 150 to 300 lots to make a good sale! Each lot may consist of 1 to dozens of items, meaning there may be as many as 1000 items in each auction! This is a great thing for auction buyers, especially those which are re-sellers!

But for us, it's not always about the most valuable items, it's about living a lifestyle in which we love our work and have fun. So, below is what I think is the quirkiest lot in the auction. Lot #49, Sumo wrestlers salt and pepper shakers!

sumo wrestler salt and pepper shakers
Sumo salt n peppers

Below is a list of the 300 lots of items in our current auction which runs from 1/10/24 - 1/17/24. As usual, all items start at $1 and there are no reserves, making it a true absolute auction.

2006 U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Sets, 2004 U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, 1964 90% silver U.S. Mint set Uncirculated Coins, 1965 U.S. 40% silver Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, 1991 U.S.Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, 1996 U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, 1992 U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coins Set, 1995 U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, 1962 90% silver U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, 1963 90% silver U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, 1968 40% silver U.S. Mint Uncirculated Coin Set, 1909-D Barber Quarter 90% silver, 1864 2 Cent Coin, 1802 1 Cent Coin, 1863 Indian Head Penny Cent Coin, 4 1963 Franklin Half Dollars 90% Silver, 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Coins 90% Silver, 3 Walking Liberty Half Dollars 90% Silver, 3 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coins 90% Silver, 3 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coins 90% Silver, 3 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coins 90% Silver, Roll Of 1945 Wheat Pennies, Roll Of 1948 Wheat Pennies, Roll Of 1952 Wheat Pennies, Roll Of 1942 Wheat Pennies, Roll Of 1940 Wheat Pennies, Roll Of 1939 Wheat Pennies, Roll Of Jefferson Nickels some wartime silver, Roll Of 1936 Wheat Pennies Unsearched, Roll Of 1943 Steel Wheat Pennies Unsearched, The Amazing Spider-Man #312 G Goblin, The Amazing Spider-Man #315 Hydro Man, The Amazing Spider-Man #317 Venom, The Amazing Spider-Man #308 Mary Jane, The Amazing Spider-Man #306 Humbug, 4 The Amazing Spider-Man Comics, Julius “Dr J” Erving Signed 1978 Sport Magazine, Board Of Gov’s Of Federal Reserve Seals, 1976 Hanging Robert Orr Patch Memorabilia, 1999 Hess Miniature Fire Truck NIB, 1960 Topps #389 - Luis Aparicio Card, 1993 Coca - Cola Santa Playing Cards, 5 Hand Colored 19th C. Muses Engravings, Plaster Jesus Wall Hanging Art, Vintage / Antique Japanese Coastal Scene Print, Antique Chinese Silk Woven Brocade Scene, Napcoware Figurines, MIJ Floral Basket Salt & Pepper Shaker, Sumo Wrestlers MIJ Antique Salt and Pepper, Baleen Whale Salt & Pepper Shakers, Rotary Phone Salt & Pepper Shakers, MIJ Zucchini Salt & Pepper Shakers, Strange Little Corn Guy Salt & Pepper Shakers, San Francisco Trolly Salt & Pepper, Seahorse Salt & Pepper Shakers, Amish Metal Figurines, Independence Glass Ruby Goblets, Swift Stadium 3 x 26 Binoculars, Vintage Plastic Cantina Sign, Sebastian Miniatures Lot, Motif #1 Rockport MA Sebastian Miniatures, 3 Fishing Sebastian Miniatures, 8 Sebastian Miniatures Paul Revere and Betsy Ross, 7 Colonial Theme Sebastian Miniatures, 10 Sebastian Miniatures A, 10 Sebastian Miniatures B, Vintage Advertising Fans Frank Jone Ale, Four Vintage Israeli Paintings, Oil Paintings And Arnold Knauth Print, Watercolor Painting By Rick Winsor, Sculptured Slate Paintings J Pavin, Currier & Ives Trotting Cracks Forge, Pair Of Laura Ashley Floral Prints, Antique Sepia Photo Of Firemen Carriage, Oil Painting By Blaine Tufts Seascape, Fancy Framed Italian Mirror, Vintage Hand Carved Tree Framed Art, Lot with Oil Painting Flowers Photo Polar Bears, Box Of Antique Books Leather Bound 1712, Miniature Toys O Scale Train Etc. NIB, Staffordshire Regatta Coffee Cups, Rock And Roll Cards Village People KISS, Boston Red Sox Rings Champion 2007 2018, Used & Unused NH Toll Tokens Roll, Vintage Card Decks Werewolf Game Etc, Looney Tunes Warner Bros Figures 1994, Vintage 1960s 70s Novelties Jokes, Vintage & Antique Brass Items Stencil, Vintage Rare Go-Go! Red Sox Pin, Vintage Pins Halloween U-Haul Etc, Vintage Pins Halloween U-Haul Etc, Fourteen Chinese Carved Wood Stands Plynths, Vintage Kodak Bantam RF Camera, 1940s Vintage Comic Books Captain Marvel Ibis NO Covers, WWII Book With Commemorative Stamps, Bin Of Sports Cards Topps Etc, Stack Of Antique Reference Books, Antique & Vintage Whatnot Items, Silver Early 20th C Souvenir Spoons Possibly Silver, NIB Snowflake Costume Jewelry, American Prints Book Thomas Craven, Tiny Album Of Antique Tintypes, Antique Album Filled With Engravings Prints, Vintage Children’s Book Lot, Superheroes Fashion And Fantasy Book, Superheroes Fashion And Fantasy Book, Lot Of Antique Children’s Books, Nautical Maritime Book Lot, Novelty And Comic Strip Books, Novelty And Comic Strip Books, 1940 Uncle Wiggily On Roller Skates, Local History Books Peabody, Nantucket, Big Lot Of Barbie Collector Books, Selection Of Modern Fiction/NonFiction, Selection Of Antique And Vintage Books, Lot of Art Books Klimt, Caro etc, Lot of Art Books Klimt, Caro etc, Two Salem Witch Trial Vintage Books, Lot of Antique/Vintage Books, Lot of Antique/Vintage Books, Lot Of Vintage Poetry And Art Books, Vintage Music / Pop Culture Books, Uniforms of the Scottish Regiments 1963 Book, Vintage Oversize Book Australia, Translations From Chinese Waley, Coffee Table Book Of American Art, Coffee Table Book Of American Art, Inspector Flytrap Signed By Cece Bell, Inspector Flytrap Signed By Cece Bell, Design Drawing Art Fantasy Art Books, Antique Stamp Album Canada Nova Scotia, Rare Antique Australian Stamps Album, Vintage Childrens Book Lot, Vintage Army Militaria Clothes, Oil On Canvas Painting Seascape, Two Novelty Decanters By Jim Beam, Art Lot Modern Chinese Sketch Etc, Ephemera WWII Letters Vintage Menus Etc, Antique Photo Lot Steamboat Yard Long, Costume Jewelry with some Sterling, Tourist Spoons Thailand Possibly Silver, Uncirculated Kennedy Silver Half Dollar in Lucite, Grab Bag Antique Vintage Items, Bill Blass NIB Pen Set, Vintage/Antique Books Large Lot, Vintage And Antique Religious Charms, Two Turtle Doves Towle Sterling Charm, 19K Gold And Enamel Lady Fatima, Jeweler’s Lot Of Cut Gems, Green + Purple Stone Sterling Earrings, Blue Stone Sterling Earrings, Vintage Earrings Lot With Sterling, Vintage Earring Lot With Sterling, Antique Charms Lot With Bog Oak, Two Pairs Antique Sterling Sugar Tongs, Vintage Taxco Modernist Earrings 925, Resin Seal Statue Canada, Asahi Sterling Basket Japanese Salt And Pepper, Box Filled With Vintage Items, KISS Band DVDs Pearl Jam Muppets Etc, Pop Culture CD VHS Beavis Butthead Lot, Three Pieces Antique Chinese Embroidery, Misc. Vintage Glassware Porcelain Etc, Vintage Religious Lot Oversized Rosary, Vintage Red Sox Baseball Lot 1964 1947, Signed Vintage Val St. Lambert Decanter, Lot Of Vintage Cigar Boxes, Sterling Silver Jewelry Earrings Etc, Sterling Turquoise Earrings Scarab Etc, Sterling Earrings Thistle Modern Etc, Sterling Bracelet Charm Necklace, Vintage Sterling Brooches Fine Art, Sterling And Costume Jewelry Earrings, Modernist Sterling Bracelets, Goebel Hummel Porcelain Owl Figurine, Goebel Hummel Puppy Dog Figurine, Two Vintage Bulldog Figurines Japan, Vintage Porcelain Owl Figurines, Vintage Porcelain Ram And Ewe Figures, Vintage Porcelain Cat Kitten Figurines, Miniature Figurines Of Dogs Puppies, Mini Vintage Raccoon Family Figurines, Four Mini Animal Figurines Pig Etc, Vintage Chinese Mini Dog Figurines, Miniature Horse Figurines Porcelain, Hess Toy 18 Wheeler And Racer 1992, Hess Toy 1995 Truck Helicopter, Hess Toy 2001 Helicopter NIB, 275 Pokémon Cards In Tin Sleeved, Signed Print John Fulton Bullfighter, Vintage/Antique Japanese Painting Silk, Antique Ink Sketch Cat Stealing Food And Man Reading, Print Of John Whittier Homestead 1882, Everywoman’s Advertising Broadsheet 40s, 1950s Peanuts Figures Schulz Charlie, Early American Printed Sermon 1814, Fred Bodin 100+ Original Photos, Three Vintage Klee Prints, Antique Etchings Chartres France, Twelve Antique Photos Of European Art, Trio Of Vintage Sterling Rings, Batch Of Colorful Sparkly Brooches, Four Pairs Of Sterling Earrings, Batch Of Victorian Jewelry And Findings, Batch Of Vintage And Antique Jewelry, Lot Of Religious Tokens, Lot Of 10 Vintage Wade Whimsies, 1920s Wadsworth 17 Jewels Pocket Watch, Gigantic Lot Of Antique Ephemera Etc, Antique Oil Painting Of Gentleman, Four 1953 Red Seal Two Dollar Bills, Two Very Crisp 1963 Red Seal Two Dollar Bills, Four Silver Certificate One Dollar Bills, Big Vintage Jewelry Lot A, Vintage Jewelry Lot B, Antique Bunnell Telegraph Key, Two Vintage Dietz Lanterns No. 1 w Red Shades, Antique Copper Wash Tub and Cover, Vintage Chinese Lacquer Screen, Denmark Soren Willadsens Chair, Danish Teak Boomerang Rocking Chair George Jensen, Hippie Nail Jewelry Necklaces, bracelets, and pendant, Gloucester Granite Pendants and Pin Jewelry, Large Lot of Jewelry Findings A, Big Bunch of Costume Jewelry Findings B, Antique Reed & Barton Communion Set, Scrap Sterling Silver Jeweler’s lot, 25+ Pairs Of Earrings, 12 Pairs Of Sterling Earrings, 34 Sterling Silver Pendants Or Charms, Big Lot of Costume Jewelry D, Big Lot of Costume Jewelry E, Big Lot of Costume Jewelry F, Brass or Bronze Seashell Paperweight, Painted Folk Art Wooden Lighthouse, Dave Grossman Statue of Child and Bunny, Pair of Delft Or Style Salt And Pepper Shakers, Pair of Delft Or Style Salt And Pepper Shaker, 5 Fossil Stainless Steel Watches, Vintage/Antique Wooden Inlayed Box, Painted Seashell of a Ship by A. Walls, Wooden Pen Box with Two Pens, T Till and Son Shanghae Antique Plate, Marylin Conover Portrait Artwork, Set of 4 Porcelain Coasters, Water Themed, Novelty Shot Glass Ladies, Gents, Pigs, 3 Pairs of Antique MIJ Fruit Salt And Pepper Shakers, “Sorrows of Werter” Hand Colored Engraving, Bamboo Woven Table Runner, 2 Vintage Minute Men Cufflink Sets Original Box, Sterling 1943 Gloucester MA Team Relay Medal, Cross Century NIB Pens Engraved to John Gottselig, Esterbrook Vintage Fountain Pen, Batch of Antique or Vintage Pens and Pencils, Batch of Vintage Pens in boxes, Batch of Vintage/Antique Military Type Buttons, Lot of Pewter Cannon and Train Buttons, Lot of Vintage Earrings Screw and Clip Backs, Lot of Vintage and Antique Cufflinks 12 Pairs, Vintage Monnet Bijoux Sterling Watch 17 Jewels, Sterling and Turquoise Arrow Necklace Native American Design, Cigar Box Full of Buttons Over 2 lbs, Batch of 11 Antique Jet Glass Buttons, Lot of Giant Antique Enamel and Glass Buttons, Lot of Colorful Small Glass Antique Beads, Large Decorative Antique Buttons, Deep Purple Glass Antique Button Set 14 Total, Assortment of Pretty Antique Buttons, Lot of Uniform Type Buttons Ben Silver Etc, Vintage Bulova Pocket Watch on Fob, Vintage Replica Mechanical Bank Hunter, Vintage Replica Mechanical Bank Bear, Vintage Replica Mechanical Bank Dentist, Vintage Harvard University Scarf, Antique Edmands 3 Blue Decorated Jug, Antique Needlework Footstool, Vintage Fireman’s Jacket 1971 Globe MFG co., Vintage Boys Scouts Hat Scarf Book Etc, Exceptional Quality Vintage Bangora Cowboy Hat, 1960s Music Etc Beatles Ephemera Lot, Vintage Dollhouse Furniture, Approx. 175 Pokémon Cards in Box, Lefton China Porcelain Figurine and Other, Vintage Black White Snapshot Photos War etc, Vintage Schaefer Beer Tray Like New Condition, Japanese Vase and Noritake Gravy Boat, Vintage Spaniel Dog Figures 1950s, Sandicast Pug Dog Figures, WWII Victory Map Set Kaltenborn, Vintage Wrist Watches Waltham Wittnauer, Vintage Watches Tissot Seiko Phasar, Vintage 1930s Movado Elgin Etc Watches, Vintage Women’s Hamilton Wrist Watch, Vintage Bulova Seiko DeFrece Mechanical Watch, Vintage 1950s Ice Capades Photo Lot, Grab Bag Antique and Vintage Items Lot, Antique Krusius Brothers Straight Razor, Vintage Navy Blanket Scarf and Patch, Antique and Vintage Art Illustrator Lot, BIG 3D Painting Art by Marilyn Conover 1989, Blown Glass Orb Light Catcher Blue Green, Vintage Kitten Embroidery, 40 Vintage Button Collector Magazines

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