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Cape Ann Estates Auction April, 2024

Devon, Gurgle, glug, wedding jugs
Vintage Maritime Wedding Cups

Auction Gloucester, MA: Cape Ann Estate Treasures

Date: April 10, 2024

Location: Bid Online, Pickup in Historic Gloucester, Massachusetts

If you've never been...

There' usually a lot of anticipation for upcoming Cape Ann Auctions in Gloucester Massachusetts, as collectors, enthusiasts, and resellers love our ABSOLUTE auctions. (No minimum bids, no reserves.) Although bidding takes place online, our in-person pickup process offers the opportunity to kibitz about almost ANYTHING in the auction business. And of course excellent customer service!

A few jewelry highlights:

1. 14K White Gold Cameo Pendant Brooch

A delicate heirloom, this pendant brooch features an intricately carved cameo set in lustrous white gold. The cameo’s ethereal profile captures a bygone era, evoking mystery and elegance.

2. Sterling And Onyx Antique Cocktail Ring (Art Deco)

The Art Deco era comes alive with this bold cocktail ring. Sterling silver intertwines with onyx, creating a striking contrast. Imagine the jazz age, flappers, and clandestine soirées—the ring whispers secrets of nights long past.

3. Vintage Cloisonné Enamel Snake Necklace (Three Strands)

Three sinuous strands of cloisonné enamel snake around the neck, their vibrant colors dancing in the light. A symbol of transformation and rebirth, this necklace embodies both artistry and mysticism.

4. Light-Catching Brass Fringe Style Earrings

These earrings defy subtlety. Cascading brass fringe catches the sun’s rays, illuminating the wearer’s face. Perfect for a night of dancing or a daring statement during daylight hours.

5. Hand-Wrought Sterling And Pearl Ring

A pearl nestles within a hand-wrought sterling silver setting. The ring exudes craftsmanship and timeless elegance. It’s a piece that whispers of moonlit walks along Gloucester’s rocky shores.

6. Hand-Wrought Sterling Artisan Made Necklace And Brooch Combo

Versatility meets creativity in this dual-purpose piece. Wear it as a necklace or pin it to your lapel—the choice is yours. The artisan’s touch is evident in every twist and curve.

7. Three Pairs Of Sterling Post Earrings

Simple yet essential, these sterling silver post earrings suit any occasion. Whether you’re sipping tea at a seaside café or attending a gallery opening, these classics won’t disappoint.

8. Funky Vintage Sterling Dinosaur Skull Screw Back Earrings

For the bold and whimsical, these dinosaur skull earrings make a playful statement. Screw them on, and channel your inner archaeologist.

9. Funky Turquoise Heart Sterling Clip Back Earrings

Turquoise hearts dangle from sturdy clip-backs. Their vibrant hue adds a pop of color to any ensemble. Love at first sight? Perhaps.

10. Sterling And Turquoise Native American Ring

A tribute to Native American craftsmanship, this turquoise-adorned ring speaks of tribal heritage and reverence for the land.

Beyond Jewelry: Curiosities and Curios

The auction doesn’t stop at jewelry. Here are some other intriguing lots:

  • Dartmouth Devon Gurgle Glug Jugs (Rare Neptune And Mermaid Characters): These whimsical jugs gurgle when poured—a delightful conversation starter.

  • Vintage Mexican Retablo (Mary And Jesus Tin And Glass): A devotional artwork capturing faith and culture.

  • Vintage Swift Barometer (Brass And Wood Ship Wheel Form): Predict the weather with nautical flair.

  • Antique General Store Butcher Paper Roll Holder (Counter Top Iron And Wood King 12): A relic from bustling days gone by.

Art and History

As the sun sets over Gloucester Harbor, the auction reaches its crescendo:

  • Dorothy J. Ramsey Oil On Canvas Of Sunny Surf Bass Rocks, Gloucester MA (Signed): A coastal masterpiece that transports you to sun-kissed shores.

  • The Burning Of San Francisco 1906 (Antique Lithograph By Schmidt Co): A haunting depiction of a city in turmoil.

  • Cape Ann Granite Co Rules And Regulations 1875 (Reproduction Print): A glimpse into the granite industry that shaped the region.

  • Vintage Folk Art Carved Wood Panel With Lobster Decoration: A lobster-clawed tribute to Gloucester’s maritime heritage.

Be a Pirate

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a curious soul, the Cape Ann Auction in Gloucester auction promises fresh estate treasure at least twice a month. Bid wisely, for each lot carries a story—a whisper from the past, a brush with artistry, or a nod to history.

See you at the Cape Ann Auction House on April 10, 2024!

14K White Gold Cameo Pendant Brooch, Sterling And Onyx Antique Cocktail Ring Art Deco, Vintage Cloisonne Enamel Snake Necklace Three Strands, Light Catching Brass Fringe Style Earrings, Hand-Wrought Sterling And Pearl Ring, Hand-wrought Sterling Artisan Made Necklace And Brooch Combo, Three Pairs Of Sterling Post Earrings, Funky Vintage Sterling Dinosaur Skull Screw Back Earrings, Funky Turquoise Heart Sterling Clip Back Earrings, Sterling And Turquoise Native American Ring, Sterling And Lace Agate Cabochon Ring, Butterscotch Baltic Amber And Sterling Bracelets, Four Pieces Of Sterling Jewelry Viking Ship, Eagle, Skull, Sterling Repousse Victorian Buckle, Two Mid-Century Sterling Silver Pins, Dartmouth Devon Gurgle Glug Jugs Rare Neptune And Mermaid Characters, Ceramic Hand Painted Fisherman Statue Vintage, Vintage Pair Of Yankee Brand Automobile Turn Signals, Antique Lock Box With Contents Primitives Steel Heart Shape Key Ring Etched Knife Excavated Items Etc, Vintage Wrought Iron Heart Form Trivet, Antique Or Vintage Metal Penguin Bookend Or Doorstop, Antique General Store Butcher Paper Roll Holder Cutter Counter Top Iron And Wood King 12, Vintage Mexican Retablo Mary And Jesus Tin And Glass, Lot Of Three Vintage Finast Brand Codfish Wooden Boxes Boston Mass, Small Vintage Swift Barometer Brass And Wood Ship Wheel Form, Pair Of Small Vintage Brass Pineapple Lamps, Three Vintage Handblown Glass Pear Ornaments, Three Antique Brass Padlocks One Heart Form One Made By Ames Sword Company Chicopee MA 1882, Famous Sea Serpent In Gloucester Harbour 1817 Print Reproduced In Collotype By The Meriden Gravure Co., Cape Ann Granite Co Rules And Regulations 1875 Reproduction Print, Vintage Folk Art Carved Wood Panel With Lobster Decoration, Dorothy J. Ramsey Oil On Canvas Of Sunny Surf Bass Rocks Gloucester MA Signed, The Burning Of San Francisco 1906 Antique Lithograph By Schmidt Co, Large Oil On Canvas Landscape Of Schoharie Valley NY Signed LeClair, 1999 Toned Silver Gelatin Print By Janet Woodcock Photography Vineyard Haven MA, Antique Eau Fort Etching Of Notre Dame By Charles Pinet (1867-1932) France, Vintage 925 Sterling Silver Madonna And Child Framed Wall Plaque By Fymena Italsilver, Antique Ephemera Lot California Hotel Map J L Hammett Basket Making Catalog Bird Prints Etc, Fabulous Vintage 1940s Scrapbook Army Navy WWII Surrender Of Japan Photo Walter Reed Hospital, Vintage Cut Linoleum Printing Block Of Seahorse And Seashell Design Milton Bradley Stamp, Mixed Media Sculpture Attributed To Herbert Leopold Entitled Harpos Dream, Large Mixed Media Shadowbox By Marilyn Conover (1925-2014), 2000 Plus Pokemon Cards In Box, 2017 Hess Dump Truck And Loader New In Box, 2011 Hess Toy Truck And Race Car Set In Box, Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me Light Up Movie Advertising Sign, Four Vintage Carved Wood Canes Mexico Bamboo Etc, Blue Handmade Small Dishes Lot, Vintage Antique Glass Bottle Lot Ship In Bottle, Sebastian Miniatures Nautical Theme Pelican And Boy, Cranberry Picker Etc, Miniature Steamer Trunk With Vintage Grab Bag Misc Items Metal Pieces Wood Carving Set Millionaire Card Game, Costume And Sterling Vintage Jewelry Lot Boatswain Necklace Earrings Towle Two Turtle Doves Beaded Bracelet, Trio Of Pyrex Casserole Containers Amish Pattern, Intricately Inlaid Syrian? Carved Tray, Antique Wood Inlay Cribbage Board, Two Brass Vintage Bowls Including Valmazan Sarreid, Vintage Binoculars And Case Atlas Brand, Poppies Watercolor Signed Yvonne Trabucco, Folk Art Pieces Lot Decoy, Hand Painted Rocking Horse, Pottery Vase, Small Painted Driftwood, Gordon Grant 1875 1962 Pencil Signed Etching Titled Channel Buoy, Vintage Oil On Canvas Of Dunes Beach Seashore And Seagulls Signed Morgan, Vintage Framed Landscape Textile Quilt Art Landscape By June Durocher 2002 Topsfield Fair 3rd Prize, Allen Sloane Or Sloan Pencil Signed Etching Entitled Marine Railway, Folk Art Outsider Art Watercolor Of Skating Scene In A Quarry In Rockport Or Gloucester Signed Karin, Allen Sloane Or Sloan Pencil Signed Etching Gloucester Scene Titled The Manufactory Rocky Neck, Louise Grace Lewis Watercolor Of A Quarry In Either Gloucester Or Rockport, Lionel Barrymore Lithograph Print Fishermen Net Hauling Scene Titled Nantucket, Allen Hawks Decorative Print Titled Frances P Mesquita 1905, Consuelo Eames Hanks 1928 2015 Pencil Signed Sailing Lithograph Titled Scudding, Art Deco Hamilton 10K Ladys Antique Watch 17 Jewels, 14K Gold And Diamond Hamilton 1940s Ladys Wristwatch 17 Jewels, 14K And Diamond Hamilton Ladys Wristwatch Mid Century 17 Jewels, Art Deco 1928 Elgin Ladys Wrist Watch, 1950s Mens Le Coultre Wrist Watch Running, Two Wittnauer Ladys Wrist Watches One Running, Lot Of 9 Wrist Watches, Quartz, Timex, Stauer, Vintage 1930s Kids Valentine Day Cards Twenty One In Total Cut Out Fold Out Mechanical German Etc, Fourteen Vintage 1930s Childrens Valentines Day Cards Made In Germany A Few Mechanical Sailing Etc, Thirteen Vintage 1930s Childrens Valentines Days Cards Automobile Aviation Subject Cut Out Mechanical Etc, Lot Of Fourteen Vintage 1930s Valentines Cards Animal Subject Mechanical German Made, Twenty Five Vintage 1930s Valentines Day Cards Mechanical Cut Outs Made In Germany, Large Lot Of Antique And Vintage Beverly MA And Local Area Ephemera Photos 1885 Journal Autograph Album Etc, 1930s Cowboy And Western Film Postcards Cow Girl Buffalo Bill Wild West Sioux Indian Chief Etc, Antique And Vintage Postcard Lot MA Gloucester Essex Provincetown Lynn Seaside Beach Harbor Etc, Approx 90 Plus Antique And Vintage Postcards Of MA RI Towns Swampscott Boston Narragansett Etc, 50 Plus Vintage 1930s ME And NH Postcards Old Man Mountain Mt Washington Canobie Lake, Antique Dueber Hampden Pocket Watch Running, Small Antique Elgin Pocket Watch, Approx 30 Vintage Postcards Of New York City And New York State Brooklyn Flatiron Bridge Harbor Park Row Etc, Two Pairs Of Victorian Grape Shears, 1962 John F. Kennedy Inaugural Bronze Medallion Medallic Art Co, Trio Of Medallions Including Leonardo Da Vinci High Relief Token, Trio Of Chinese Tokens Of The Eight Immortals, Lot Of 20 Vintage Pope Medallions, Vintage Sterling Silver Cigarette Case, Roll Of Unsearched 1939 Plain Jefferson Nickels, Roll Of Unsearched 1937 Wheat Pennies, Two Containers Of 1940s Nickels D And P, Container Of 2007P Washington Quarters Rated MS63 Or Better, Lot Of 20 1964 Roosevelt Dimes 90 Percent Silver, Four Walking Liberty 1943-D Half Dollars 90 Percent Silver, Four Franklin Half Dollars All 90 Percent Silver, Lot Of American Coins All 90 Percent Silver, Lot Of 60 Plus Vintage Florida And Georgia Postcards Fishing Ostrich Farm Palm Trees Disasters Etc, Rare 1930s Vintage Halloween Postcard A Merry Halloween With Girl In Pierrot Costume And Pumpkin, Approx 100 Plus Vintage 1930s Postcards From Around The World A Little Bit Of Everything, Vintage 1930s Souvenir Postcard Books Plymouth MA Washington DC Ottawa Lake Sunnapee NH Burlington VT, 1935 Thorp Martin Stamp Album With 1926 White Plains Issue Block Sheet And Other Stamps, 1918 Curtis Jenny Airplane 24 Cents Postage Stamp, Full Sheet Of 1939 Centennial Of Baseball 3 Cents Postage Stamps Plus 10 Extras, Batch Of Foreign Coins Spain, Canada, Mexico, Lots More, Lot Of 13 State Quarters In Holders, 9 Coin Proof Set 1973 Coins Of The Bahamas Multiple Silver Coins, Lot Of Ten 40 Percent Silver Kennedy Half Dollars, Two Rolls Of Uncirculated 1960s Pennies 1962P And 1964P, 1956D Roll Of Unsearched Pennies, Roll Of Wheat Pennies 1930s-1950s Unsearched, Purple Glass Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot, Two Antique Costume Jewelry Lockets Religious Locket With Lilies, Three Pairs Of Sterling Pierced Ear Earrings, Two Boxes Of 1930s And Later Random American And World Stamps, 1935 Stamp Stock Book 11 Cents Hayes Washington American Indian 14 Cents Special Handling Etc, Block Of Four 1928 Beacon On The Rocky Mountains 5 Cents Airmail Postage Stamp With Printing Error Or Oddity, Two Binders With 37 Presidential Dollar Coins, Vintage Mint Sheet File Postage Stamps Album Filled With Full And Partial Sheets 1 2 3 4 Cents Etc, Lot Of Vintage And Antique Stamp Collecting Books 1914 Standard Scott Co. 1934 Annual Etc, Vintage Two Cents Washington Postage Stamp Booklet Twenty Four Stamps Unused, 1930s And Other US Postage Stamps In A Mint Block File Holder Filled 2 3 11 14 Cents Lincoln Etc, Box Filled With 1930s 40s 50s And Other Stamps 8 Cents 20 Cents Washington Etc, 1936 Thorp And Martin Co Stamp Album And Box Filled With US Spain And Various World Stamps, 1930s Mint Sheet File Stamp Album Filled With Sheets 3 Cents Susan B Anthony Texas Centennial Etc, 1930s Tremont Stamp Company Super Mint Sheet File Filled With Stamps Alaska World Fair 1939 Puerto Rico Etc, Four Vintage 1930s Chesterfield Cigarette Tins With Stamp Blocks 12 15 30 50 Cents Buffalo Lincoln Grant Etc, 14K And Amethyst? Purple Stone And Diamond Cocktail Ring, Art Nouveau Pendant 10K On 14K Chain Small Diamond And Pearl, 14K Gold Vintage Necklace 15 Inch Chain, 14K Emerald And Diamond Halo Post Earrings, Emerald And 14K Post Earrings, Antique 14K Gold Cameo Ring, 10K Vintage Heart Charm, Small 14K Gold Guitar Charm, 9K Gold Greek Key Band Open Work Gold Ring, Vintage Jade And 10K Gold Ring, 1930s Through 1960s US And Canada Stamp Blocks In File Holders 3 5 15 Cents Airmail Etc, Four 1930s Chesterfield Cigarette Tins With 30s US Postage Stamps Air Mail Special Handling Washington Etc, Two Boxes Filled With 1920s 1930s And Later World Stamps And US IRS Stock Transfer Stamps, 1935 Edition Scotts American Album For US Postage Stamps Some 1850s And 60s Washington Airmail Etc, Album With 1910s 20s 30s And 40s US Austrian And Assorted World Stamps Airmail Alaska Florida Etc, 1940 Scotts International Junior Postage Stamp Album, Four 1930s Chesterfield Cigarette Tins With US Postage Stamps Collection 2 3 Cents Assorted Airmail Etc, 1920s And 1930s Stamp Collection In Four Chesterfield Cigarette Tins 1 1 1/2 5 6 7 8 9 10 Cents, Austrian Art Nouveau Art Krupp Berndorf Centerpiece Vase Or Candle Holder, Sterling Silver Base Cream And Sugar Set, Limoges Robins Egg Blue Bud Vase With Roses, Vintage Chinese Stoneware Platter, Weimar Republic Deutsches Reich German 1920s Stamp Block Of Ten 2 Millionen Over 200 Mark Red German, 5 10 20 Pfennig Reichspost And Deutsches Reich Stamps German Germany, Vintage 1930s 40s Stamps From Sweden Great Britain Italy France In Chesterfield Cigarette Tins, Antique Lot Of 1920s Of Deustches Reich German Stamps 2 Millionen 800 Tausend Overmark Etc, Weimar Republic Deutsches Reich German 1920s And 30s Overmark Stamps Deustche Post 10 Pfennig Box Lot, Vintage Box Lot Weimar Republic Deutsches Reich German 1920s And 30s Overmark Stamps Deustche Post 10 Pfennig, Box Lot Weimar Republic Deutsches Reich German 1920s 30s Overmark Stamps Flugpost Deustche Post 10 Pfennig, 1930s And 40s Vintage US Postage Stamps In Four Chesterfield Cigarette Tins 1 2 3 7 8 10 15 Cents Washington, 1930s Shoebox Filled With Stamps Envelopes Etc, Cigar Box Filled With Vintage And Antique Stamps World And US Varieties From 1920s And 1930s And Later, Four Vintage 1930s Chesterfield Cigarette Tins With Stamps Austria US Canada Newfoundland Etc, Vintage 1930s Bachelors Friend Sox Box Filled With Stamps US And World Postage Envelopes Etc, Large Antique Or Vintage Art Glass Vase Oxblood Red Possibly Tarnoweic, Rare Mid Century Culver Charm Bracelet Pattern Ice Bucket And Carnival Pattern, Heavy Scandinavian Etched Crystal Vase With Geese, Heavy Copper Arts And Crafts Vase Hand Made, 1911 Hard Cover Burlap Binding California The Beautiful, 1840s Religious Book Early Piety JG Pike, 1920s Self Published Beverly Author Dora L Edwards, 1977 Coinage Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland, Watermans Pen Pencil And Cufflinks Set, Small Framed Colorized Photo Of Eastern Point Lighthouse Gloucester, Antique N E Mcleod Real Photograph Postcard Of Red Sox Players Circa 1918 Baseball, Antique Baseball Player And Army Soldier 104th Company Mine Team WWI Postcard, Four Antique Sherlock Holmes Card Game By Parker Brothers Boxes Only Salem Mass, Five Vintage And Antique Advertising Tins Ex Lax Willson Goggles Sterling Quality Wooden Minnow Seidlitz, Vintage And Antique Cigarette Advertising Tins Dills Best Smoking Tobacco Chesterfield And Regent, Antique Fancy Brass Door Handle And Latch And Miscellaneous Brass Fittings, Lot Of Vintage Button Pins Charlie Brown Simpsons Halloween Budweiser Etc, Antique Lady Washington Pearls Buttons On Original Advertising Cards 32 Cards In Total, Lot Of Vintage And Antique Keys And Keychains De Witt Hotel Lewiston Maine Ilco Elgin Etc, MIJ Vintage Bookshelf Salt, Pepper, Garlic Salt And Allspice Shakers, Vintage Plastic/Celluloid Hong Kong Salt And Pepper, Tourist Novelty Ceramic North Adams Natural Bridge Salt And Pepper, Clay Art Woman And Refrigerator Salt And Pepper Shakers, Kitschy Plastic/Celluloid Louisiana Alligator Salt And Pepper Shaker 2 Sets, Vintage Porcelain Tea And Coffee Pot Salt And Pepper Shakers, Porcelain Hummel Goebel Monks Salt And Pepper Shakers, Prince Edward Island Potatoes Ceramic Salt And Pepper Shakers, Vintage Ceramic Cat Salt And Pepper Shakers, 1950s Porcelain Women In Dresses Salt And Pepper Shakers, 1950s Porcelain Salt And Pepper Shakers Scottish Girl And Boy, MIJ Antique Porcelain Salt And Pepper Shakers Colonial Couple, Art Deco Thames Porcelain Leaping Antelopes Salt And Pepper, Vintage Plexiglass Tiffany Style Hanging Lamp, Antique Musical Instrument Brass Bugle 18.5 Inches Long, Large Vintage United States Of America Cotton Bull Dog Bunting Flag 5 Feet By 9 Foot 6, Vintage Nylon US Coast Guard Auxiliary USCG Aux Official National Store 39 By 22 Inches, Vintage Swiss Army Wool Blanket GL 55 KMV Medallion 83.5 Inches By 53.5 Inches, Antique Engraved Copper? Tray With Heavy Patina, Vintage Framed Embroidery Wall Art, Framed Hilda Kaihlanen Watercolor Lanes Cove, Winter Farm Oil Painting On Canvas Board Signed W.E. Natti?, Mid Century Modern Foot Rest Ottoman Frame Possibly Rosewood Unknown Maker, Frederic Remington Hauling The Gill Net Giclee Made By The Remington Art Museum, Vintage Carved Wooden Mold Wall Hanging Primitive Decoration, Vintage Framed Rockport Massachusetts Poster Motif Number One, Vintage Watercolor Of Beach Dunes Seagulls And Ocean Unsigned,

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