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Shipping Directions for our Auctions

We sell on multiple platforms and our shipping policy is the same on all of them, and is in fact, pretty simple.  

But many people rush through the process  and are unnecessarily confused because they may have missed our  shipping terms, so we're laying them our here for easy reference. (they're also in every auction item description)  

Shipping Instructions

  •  Shipping is available on many lots, BUT NOT ALL LOTS. PLEASE see the individual auction item description to determine if an item is shippable, what the fees are, and how to pay for shipping as SHIPPING MUST BE PAID FOR SEPARATELY. We do NOT have your CC on file. 

  • If you know your shipping fee(s) you may expedite shipping by sending the shipping payment directly via Venmo to @capeannauction or via Paypal to  - Once you do that, contact us via text at 978-395-7077 or email to to let us know you've paid for shipping. Be sure to include your full name and invoice#  Or text us at 978-395-7077 to arrange for payment of shipping by CC. 

  • OR 

  • Combined Shipping Quote- If you win multiple lots, and need a quote on combined shipping, text us at 978-395-7077 to let us know the lot #s of the items you've won, your invoice # and your last name -we'll fire over a quote to you quickly. 

  • In ALL cases, be sure to include your full name and invoice #

Alternative Pickups

ALTERNATIVE PICKUPS: are available by appointment only, via texting us us at 978-395-7077 within 48 hrs from the close of the auction.

IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT US WITHIN 48 HRS from the close of the auction, to let us know you need to make alternative pickup arrangements,  you may forfeit your item without refund. 

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