I Rarely Endorse Anything. 

So Why Pi?


For what it’s worth - I usually never endorse or post things like this, but I’ve vetted this cryptocurrency project pretty thoroughly, I have been using it, and here’s what I’ve found out through personal experience.

- There’s no money involved, no credit card nor bank account info required.

- This is a digital currency, value based on attention and the the goal of 100% blockchain legitimacy.

- They goal is to make as secure a blockchain as possible by a network of democratic mining. Although cryptocurrency is revolutionary in itself, this is something very different from other CCs.

-The best way to describe it in my opinion is a Democratic Bitcoin.

- It could pan out to be a big nothing-sandwich, but I dig the philosophy of the idea and the fact that they’re not trying to get into your wallet!

- Oh, and it’s pretty fun watching my PI mining activity on the app!


In the event that Pi does not pan out, this content will be deleted.