What Happens When You Shop at a Vintage Flea Market

We're really excited to be kicking off our first Vintage Flea Market this Sunday! People really love flea markets and they're usually a festive event! I've been attending them for over 50 years (wow, that really hurt to admit!) and I wanted to share some insight as to what happens when you support a local vintage flea market.

  • You are directly supporting your local community. Whether it's a local antique dealer, or a mom/pop that's selling items for extra cash out of their basement, you are spending dollars in a small community. Many of those dollars will grow right in that community. I think studies show about 68%!

  • You are doing much more to help the environment than you realize. You see, quality used/vintage items are the ultimate green product because there's no new manufacturing impact for something already made! Do you REALLY think you need to buy another NEW dinnerware set? Flatware? Furniture? Rug? And... I'm going to jump up on a soapbox here for a sec and say that it's pretty silly to spout off about how much damage big corps do to the environment (and I know some do) but then go buy something online which has a bigger carbon footprint than Jason Momoa! That $1.99 tool purchased at W$lmart will break the first time you use it. The chest of drawers you just got at B$b's "discount" has formaldehyde in the glue. It's off-gassing poison. We've found out that billions of the new plastic ANYTHINGS that were imported have been found to have arsenic, lead and other poisons in them! Arsenic! We're buying childrens' toys that leech arsenic. That's not sane.

  • You NEVER know what you'll find at a vintage flea market. It's a literal treasure hunt. Watching a few episodes of the Antiques Roadshow will demonstrate that. Vintage flea markets around the world have yielded masterpiece paintings, rare coins, tons of gold items that were thought to be made of other metals. Thinking those are too much of a longshot? The more you learn about used/antique items, the more likely you are to spot a sleeper. Numerous vendors sell thousands of items there are going to be some stunning finds at every flea. It may not be a million dollar painting. But keeping your eyes peeled can render hundreds of dollars in profit when you find things that YOU have just a bit better of a market for than the person selling it.

  • You can furnish your home with unusual items and build a house that fits your personality. If you shop smart, when it comes time to get rid of some of your possessions, you can get some of your money back, you may even make a big profit.

  • You'll meet some of the most interesting characters you'll ever come across! I'm not kidding. Flea market people are a different breed. The sellers are the boot-strappiest, hardest working, unusually enterprising people on the planet. Their knowledge of history and humanity will amaze you! They're often generous with their time and LOVE to share their stories & experience. Especially if it's going to help you get into the biz! They love roping in new dealers!

  • You will learn a lot. You'll learn about people in your community, it's history, how a micro economy works, about how things were made, new uses for old things, ways to save money, ways to make money. You'll learn about independence, marketing, entrepreneurship, collectibles and antiques of any kind you wish to study. I could go on and on of course. Or I could sum it up in one sentence. A vintage flea market is one of the most diverse communities out there, you can learn about anything you want.

  • Last: They're a lot of fun! Stop in at the Cape Ann Vintage Flea Market and see for yourself.

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