Tariffs & Other Things Pickers Are Immune To

We never know what we're going to find

Recently there's been quite a buzz about the recent Tariff panic in the financial world.

Pickers, Auctioneers, Antiques Dealers & Junkers are a bootstrapping breed unaffected by such Bushwa. Sure, we're human (most of us) and other parts of our lives may be affected by politics but the nitty-gritty, everyday work we do is fiercely independent of financial, political & social norms. Junk it seems, is a great equalizer.

If your one of the lucky types treasure hunters above or thinking about becoming one (it's a great business) it'll pay to mind these points.

  1. Our products are already here. Tariffs do not apply.

  2. What we do is not insignificant. When you buy & sell locally, you can effect positive changes in neighborhood in ways that are otherwise impossible. We clean out houses, recycle historic items that may otherwise end up in the trash and often put much needed money in grateful hands.

  3. Our jobs never disappear. People need & want tangible assets. Whether it's comfort or survival, we need our antiques, furniture, art, coins, picks; shovels etc. We provide these things and will always have work.

  4. We're never unemployed. There's an old saying about buying land that goes: "Buy land, they ain't making anymore of it". The same is true of antiques, collectibles etc. Even through market changes, our product remains limited. They "ain't making any more antiques"

  5. We are seldom bored at work. Let's face it, our job is FUN. We're used to seeing people's eyes widen when we tell them about The Hunt.

So the next time a conversation turns to tariffs or some other economic angst, lighten things up with a story about your latest pick. Who knows, maybe you'll inspire another picker to come on board. And the world needs more pickers. Because we're AWESOME!

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