No Internet Bidding at Our Public Auctions. Why?

Why We Don’t Take Internet Bids at Our Public Auctions

In the auction world there’s been a trend of auction houses taking Internet bidding during their live, in-person auctions.

Being the old-school, trend-buckers that we are, we’ve made a promise to our customers that we would never do that. Occasionally clients will ask the reason for this policy. Here are a few.

  • We truly appreciate the people that show up in person to our auctions and feel that taking Internet bidding is disrespectful to them. Many people plan for the event, some travel quite a distance. To have them feel like they have to compete against the whole world via the Internet doesn’t sit well with us.

  • Internet bidding during a live auction slows things down - a lot. If you’ve ever been to an auction which takes Internet bidding, you know this.

  • It does not guarantee a better outcome for consignors. Many items that are won through Internet bidding go unpaid for. Of the items that are re-negged on, it’s always the higher ticket items that are unpaid for. Not to mention, when you show up in person, you can pay in cash.

  • Our Public Auction attendance is very healthy! This is not the case at many auctions which take Internet bidding during their live auctions. A lot of auctioneers that used to see 75-100 folks in the audience are now getting 20-30 people, and that’s a good crowd for them!

  • Buying local is extremely helpful to the local economy. You just can’t say enough about the importance of this factor.

  • Live auctions provide valuable opportunities for dealers and collectors to make connections and find out what’s going on in the business. If there’s no one in the room to do business with…

That said, there are good customers which can’t attend a live auction, so we’ve added a new auction format to our repertoire… Internet Bidding Only Auctions.

At these auctions, you Bid Online, then Pickup at our Auction Hall at 1 Kondelin Rd. Gloucester, MA 01930.

These auctions do not replace our Public Auctions, rather are in addition to them.

And keeping in the spirit of our Old-School, Yankee Auction, ALL BIDDING STARTS AT $1.00 for every single item in these auctions!

In closing we want to say, we will keep our promise to you.


See you at the Auction!

Walt & Robin Kolenda

PS - How would you even ship something like this huge porcelain sign which we got from a Kennebunkport Maine estate?

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