Christmas Gifts They're Going to Keep

In a world that's becoming increasingly high-tech, fast and disposable, there's one holiday that we stubbornly and sentimentally demand to remain old fashioned - Christmas.

If you've any doubt about that, consider how many times you've watched A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer... Yup, we like our Christmases in the Victorian style, with hot chocolate, Christmas stockings, ala 1950s, nuclear family, I could go on. Really, I could, I'm an auctioneer, we're known for that! But I don't need to, you get it.

On Christmas we delight in giving things to those we love, and we vow to try to capture this feeling all year round. Soon after Christmas morning comes the New Year, then the February cold (at least in New England!) and Santa is forgotten about until next year.

But there are ways to carry the Christmas spirit throughout the year. One of them is to go Old School and give an antique/vintage item as a Christmas gift. We all want our choices to be "Christmas Gifts They're Going to Keep". Such items help us communicate and keep in touch when form a legacy, inspire stories and create memories.

As a bonus, shopping for antique gifts means you'll have to scour mom and pop curiosity shops, flea markets & similarly delightful places! Beginning the treasure hunt for just the right gift in a local, small business, can't help but put you in the Christmas Spirit!

I know, I KNOW. Amazon can fire off a digital Keurig "coffee" machine that makes Moca Loca - Peppermint - Foo Foo - Latte to your door in two days. (Personally, I like coffee flavored coffee). Amazon certainly has its' place in the shopping world, a BIG place, but I'd like to suggest some awesome gifts and method of finding them that give Santa some job security.

Here are my unsolicited suggestions:

Antique Christmas Ornaments

They're cheap, easy to find and you KNOW they'll be on that tree next year!

Vintage Collector Plates

Prices for vintage porcelain has dropped dramatically in the past 10 years! you can get plates similar to the one above for a fraction of what they used to sell for. They're still beautiful, still collected, and like all things, cyclical. So who knows when the value will begin to increase?! Collector plates are easy to find at the last minute in virtually any curiosity shop.

Vintage Toys

Trust me, no one is throwing these out! Antique toys are still among the hottest collectibles on the market. Want to give something that sparks nostalgia? This would do it! The downside is you can expect to pay a bit more than the examples above, and the hunt may be trickier!

There a thousands of choices available if you want to give a gift that invokes that "can't wait for Christmas morning feeling. Step outside the search box, slap on your galooshes and open those bell ringing doors into Yesteryear!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas from Walt, Robin and the Crew at Cape Ann Auction!

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