Auctions are dead? Ha Ha Ha! LOL!

So auctions are dead?! Really? You should've tried telling that to the full house that attended our February 3rd Cabin Fever Auction. They'd have appreciated the laugh, if for nothing else it may have helped keep them warm!

Granted, the sale was held in a small hall, still every seat was full and folks were standing. Most of the crowd stuck with us throughout the auction.

So why is there a mantra going around that auctions and the antiques business are dead?

There's a few good reasons for this.

First: The market has changed. Like all markets the antiques/used market cycles. What was hot years ago can fall out of favor. Brown antique furniture is very slow, as is glassware, porcelain and other categories.

But that's the same as it ever was! Interest plummets for some things, and skyrocket's for others! For example, try getting a bargain on a nice Herman Miller plywood chair at a well attended auction. Or see if you can steal some gold coins, silver dollars or other precious metal commodities at the next sale! Doubtful.

Second: We're in a business where disparagement is held in the highest regard. Think about it, some dealer or other is always knocking the nick on the coin, the tilt of the table, how far it is to get to the auction, how high prices went at the sale when they went buy, and low when they sold. A lot The perception is the more shade thrown, the better the chance of lowering the price. Pointing out flaws is is in our blood the same way twitching comes from Tourette's. It has to happen.

So we'll see you at the next auction, unless of course we're struck by a meteor before the sale.


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