Why I Do What I Do

Cape Ann Auction & Estates Sales is the result of an evolutionary career process that has revolved around the the re-sale business. Said evolution started in the late 1970s with becoming an antiques/junk picker.

I have no qualms about using the word junk, sometimes the only difference between an antique and a piece of junk is how much you can sell it for!

I realized that one of the best ways to off-load, was to sell at auction. So I began doing that, then became an auction runner, then auction floor manager, then an auctioneer.

In the mix I started doing appraisals, I've added a store front, built small flea markets and conduct talks for investment groups, charities and non-profits.

While all this might seem a discombobulated mish-mash, for me there is one very strong common cord that binds them all: The hunt for great re-sellable items aka "The Hunt".

So if the Hunt is what I do: Then why? It's a question I've asked myself a million times, here' are the answers I've come up with.

  • Money - Let's get that out of the way. Most of us need a job to provide for our financial needs. This is mine.

  • Thrills! - I cannot imagine a more exciting way to earn a living than going out on a treasure hunt several times a week. I never know who is going to call, where I'll go and what will be waiting for me when I get there! I love that.

  • I got hooked - At one point (and any re-seller can testify) I bought something for pennies on the dollar somewhere, and re-sold it for a lot of money. The hook was set, the perpetual treasure hunt had begun!

  • It's helpful - Much of the time, my clients are overwhelmed with an estate they've inherited, or an accumulation of stuff that's gotten out of control, or a business inventory that needs to go away - FAST. I love providing solutions. We all want to be of service. Right?

  • It's great for the environment - Seriously. Being GREEN aspect of my business that just does't get enough respect and recognition. How so? You may ask. Consider this, there is NO PRODUCTION IMPACT ON SOMETHING THAT'S ALREADY MADE.

  • It's helpful - I've already listed that, I know. But it's also very helpful in the way that people can save a huge amount of money buying used items.

  • It's helpful - Redundancy has no boundary! You can make good money investing smartly in antiques, collectibles & used items. And it's a business that almost anyone can do either part time, or full time, without a big financial investment. Don't believe that, then take a load of your unwanted stuff to a local flea market and sell it without expectation. Some of you will be hooked - and that's how antique dealers are made!

Why do I do what I do? If I had to pick one reason, I truly wish I were the kind of person that could say my #1 reason I do what I do is to be helpful. And I'm working on making that my #1 reason. But for now it will have to remain a strong #2 because I am weak in that, I am addicted to THE HUNT.


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