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A Small Cache of Cape Ann Art Just Found!

We've just been commissioned to sell a small cache of Cape Ann art

Cape Ann Auction has just been commissioned to sell a recently found cache of Cape Ann Art which hasn't be not shown or sold in quite a while.

Right now we have 6 works, 3 by Gloucester's beloved Emile A. Gruppe and 3 by W Lester Stevens. From the same consignor, we've also acquired a post impressionist work by Philip, a Maine artist, titled "3 Pals"

As we learn more about the works,trace provenance and determine age, we are testing the waters as we pre-market the works to see what kind of interest they will generate.

They may be sold outright to private collectors, or will be offered in upcoming Cape Ann Auctions.

Anyone interested should contact Walt Kolenda by email at with Cape Ann Art in the subject line.

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