Our Asian Antiques, Arts & Decorative Collectibles Auction
Starts Monday, May 10th at 5:00 pm
 Ends Wednesday May 19th 7:30 pm

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Cape Ann Auction Hall
1 Kondelin Rd. Gloucester, MA


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This Auction will feature over 200 lots of Asian Antiques, Porcelain, Furniture, Art, Jewelry and Decorative Items.

 Partial listing. Large 28" Carved Guan Yin Buddha Head Statue Solid Wood, Pair of Hand Painted Antique Japanese Satsuma Vases, Antique Terracotta Temple Roof Tile Rooster, 2 Large  Sculpted Knotty Burl Wood Frogs, Large Bronze Seated Buddha Statue, Elaborate Antique Rose Medallion Pattern Dish, Rustic Wooden Bench, Large Vintage Ceramic Dragon Vase w Majolica Glaze, Mottahedeh 18th Century Blue Canton Serving Platter (repaired) , Large Sandstone Tablet of Dancing Figures, Large Sandstone Tablet with Buddha, Very Heavy Antique Terracotta or Stone Fu Dog Head, Large Wooden Bowl One Piece of Wood, Chinese Porcelain Ceremonial Mask, Vintage Stone Side Table Asian Design, Handmade Silk Oriental Rug Mauve, Handmade Elephant Foot Pattern Red Oriental Rug, Carved  Wooden Mask With Serpents, Carved Ceremonial Mask with Toothy Grin, Vintage or Antique Hand Carved Red Coral Figure of Child peeking through tree, Tribal Style Abstract Mask, Large Ornate Hand Carved Asian Mask Multiple Faces,  Asian Stoneware Crackle Glaze Vase, Asian Vase Sunset Glaze, Lot of 3 19th Century Porcelain Sweet Meat Dishes Turquoise Glaze w Bats Pattern, 2 19th Century Chinese Porcelain Dishes, Incredible  late 19th to early 20th century Antique Dragon Clutch with exceptional hand knotted embroidery, 4 Antique Carved Marble  Chinese Deity Figurines, Large Antique Hand Painted Rose Medallion Platter, Jade Carved Horses Carved Sculpture with fitted Wooden Plinth, Antique Mahjong Set Dovetailed Tiles, Antique Celadon Rectangular Bowl, Embroidered Woven Straw Hat, Lacquer Ware Tray Set with Mother of Pearl Inlay, Vintage Thai Toy Tuk Tuk, Painted Landscape Square Vase or Brush Pot, Bronze Four Face Sculpture w reign mark, Stone Carved Thai Style Buddha Panel, Sage Green and Avacado Tea Kettles with Bamboo Handles, Chinese Monochrome Brush Washer 19th Century, Small Carved Wooden Mask Porcelain Eyes, Pair of Antique Hand Made Bronze Peacock Statues, Bronze Snuggling Pigs Sculpture, Pair of Antique Blue Fu Dog Ceramic Statues, Two Sets of Baoding Balls, Three Footed Antique Bronze Vessel, Antique Chinese Porcelain Carp Motif Bowl, Antique Painted Chinese Porcelain I Ching Motif Dish, Blue Hexagonal Chinese Teapot w Brass Handle, Set of Small Sweet Meat Dishes in Wooden Case, Canton Ware Vase with Figures, Extremely Detailed Porcelain Figurine Pouring Tea, 2  Heavy 18th Century Ming Celadon Ceramic Plates, 3 Pottery Tomb Relics 7" tall each, Bronze sculpture of woman meditating, Antique portraits in bamboo frames, Hand Painted Illustrated Fans, Hanging Scroll Flowers in Vase, Antique Art on Horizontal Wall Scroll, 19th Century Porcelain Garden Stool (w old repair), Antique Carved Dragon Top Letter Box, Metal Teahouse Teapot  Writing on Side, Small Stoneware Pot on Plinth, Antique Hand Painted Porcelain Statue of Chinese Deity,  Four Vintage 4" Cloisonne Dishes w floral motifs, Pair Chinese Flambé Antique Oxblood Glazed Vases, Reverse Painting On Glass of Deities, Antique Japanese  Woodblock Print of Sword Fight with Demon, Several Signed Oil Paintings on Canvas  includig Figures on Bridge -Tree Blossoms - Geisha, Watercolor Studies of Monks, Antique silk embroidered "painting",  Embroidered Image of Scholar, Large Print on Canvas Monks at Angkor Wat, Large Print of Seated Buddha Painting on Canvas, Large Painted  Asian Coffer 7ft long elaborately hand painted, Large Archaic Cast Iron Incense Urn, Antique Painted Black Bench, Set of  19th century Carved Table and Chairs, 4 Drawer Vintage Mahjong Table,  Wood Antique Asian Table w Marquetry, Pair of Antique Ceramic Thai Elephant Garden Stools, Asian Table Top Contrasting Wood Inlay, Orange Painted Lacquer Side Table, Yellow Painted Wooden Stool, Painted Black Antique Wicker Table, Japanese Collaged Folding Screen, Vintage/Antique Painted Wooden Panel With Children, several Antique Painted Striped Ginger Jars circa turn of the 20th century, carved wooden statues of children, Several pieces mid 19th century canton incl: Antique Tall Canton Blue Pattern Vase - Very Large Antique Canton Blue Print Vase - Small Canton Blue Patterned Happiness Jar - Medium Canton Blue Patterned Happiness Jar - Huge Painted Wooden Tibetan Style Carving, Antique Wooden Tea Box, Antique Painted Porcelain Lamp Scene with Figures and Dragons, 4 wonderful antique table top vanities with mirrors and multiple drawers, Several sterling silver necklaces, Jade and Red Coral Choker Necklace, Cultured pearl necklaces, Sterling Silver Yin-Yang Fish Pin, Sterling silver bangle bracelets, Sterling Silver rings, Asian motif oil painting on canvas, Red Lacquer box w fish motif, Cast Iron standing Buddha statue, Chinese Celadon Porcelain Bowl with Cricket, Antique Etched Chinese White Brass Pipe, Chinese Canister with Lid and Painted Pastoral Scenes, Pair of Asian Burl Bowls, Pair of Small Chinese Porcelain Sweet Meat Bowls, Brass or Bronze Cow Box, Lot of Four Canton Blue Plates, Detailed Carved Wooden Avalokiteshvara Statue, Bronze Cast Seated Buddha Statue, Bronze Cast Garuda Statue, Carved Antique Stone Box, Peking Glass Fig Shaped Snuff Bottle, Pair of Jade Large Bangle Bracelets, Painted Chinese Porcelain Box Blue and Green, Carved Wood Vintage/Antique Moth Plate, Lot of Stamped/Engraved Metal Boxes, Set of Four Cloisonné Ashtrays, Train of Miniature Bronze Elephants, Lot of Three Porcelain Shard Boxes, Small Stamped Bronze Chicken Box, Carved Bone Box for Sewing Needles, Carved Bone Buddha Head, Tall Antique/Vintage Chinese Monochrome Vase, Cloisonné Bat Pin, Carved Marble Stamp with Box, Antique Terracotta Roof Tile Deity with Rooster, Small Yellow Porcelain Chinese Bowl, Small Yellow Antique Porcelain Chinese Bowl, Pair of Vintage Sumo Wrestling Clay Sculptures, Large Carved Fish and Coral Reef Statue...and more!