What Happened to the Fred Bodin Historic Photo Collection?

What Happened to the Fred Bodin Historic Photo Collection?

This is a question have been asked many times over the past few months.  I’ve taken over the former location of Bodin Historic Photo and Fine Art at  82 Main St. in Gloucester, MA 01930, so I anticipate getting asked about it a lot more.

Fred was greatly endeared to the Gloucester community as a friend a shopkeep and historian. Naturally there is a huge demand for pieces of his collection. His historic assemblage consisted mainly of the following categories. They were:

  • Antique glass negatives of the Cape Ann area as well as throughout the United States. The largest and most desirable faction of these glass negatives were by Gloucester’s own; Alice Curtis. There were also originals by Martha Harvey and other famous and semi-famous photographers. But by far the lions share of the glass negatives was attributed to Alice M. Curtis.
  • Keystone & magic lantern type slides of Cape Ann, MA & scenes from around the world
  • Antique & vintage celluoid negatives, that fall into the above categories.
  • Cabinet cards, stereo views & paper media including the Gloucester police, Essex MA ship building and much more.
  • Sepia tone reproduced prints from the array above.
  • A collection of Fred’s own work in 8×10 b&w format and many thousands of slides.

So what happened to it all?!

The last two mediums on the list above, can be found at Cape Ann Auction’s new location. This is as mentioned above, 82 Main St., Gloucester, MA (previously the home Fred Bodin’s Historic Photos itself).

I purchased these items from the buyer of the antique photographic collection.

The antique glass negatives and all the historic photography etc. products, items etc were purchased by Mr. Will Seippel of Worthpoint Inc.

Worthpoint if an online antiques & collectibles evaluation company. Mr Seippel purchased the collection as an investment and has indicated a strong interest in helping the Cape Ann Museum get digital copies of the images they want.

This appears to be a win-win for all.

How can you get some of these treasures?

Mr. Seippel will be making the collection available on eBay as time sees fit. If you’d like to see what he has posted, you can find him on eBay as wills1n4

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